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  1. Hello! Would like to start this thread to connect with those who applied for the Mayo Clinic Arizona Nurse Residency Program (02/23-03/23 application period) that will start on June 2023. Feel free to post!
  2. Hi everyone! This thread was created to post updates concerning Mayo Clinic Nurse Residency beginning in February 2023. Feel free to post!
  3. Hello! I wanted to create this post to communicate with others that are applying for Mayo Clinic's Summer iii externship. I saw that there were similar posts for previous years, and I would love to get to know others that are applying! Look forward t...
  4. Hey everyone! I am making this thread for people who are interested in applying for the nurse residency program at Mayo in Arizona! I haven't seen anyone make one yet for the July 2022 cohort so if you're interested in applying, this thread is for yo...

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