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  1. Good morning, I made a post earlier ( passed NCLEX with 265 and 44.9% on UWorld ) but didn't really get into the "nitty gritty" on wait I used to study. About Me: Graduated about 2 years prior, never took the NCLEX out of fear and also I had a great paying job. God somehow knows what is meant to happen in order for you to grow to your fullest potential. I lost that job (thank you God ) and that's when it hit me, I need to study for this test. What I Used: I read Saunders front to back and made notes from each chapter (3-4 chapters a day) when I finished the fundamentals section I purchased UWorld. Did all the question on the fundamentals section and then I would read maternity then do questions on UWorld and Saunders, etc. I did that for all sections in Saunders. Halfway through I purchased Prioritization, Delegation, and Assessment by LaCharity. I caught up with the sections I did in UWorld and Saunders so that I was not behind ... My Scores: Ch1:41% Ch2:60% Ch3:55% Ch4:56% Ch5:57% Ch6:56% Ch7:56% Ch8:58% Ch9:73% Ch10:61% Ch11:72% Ch12:53% Ch13:60% Ch14:60% Ch15:70% Ch16:34% Ch18:67% Ch19:58% Ch20:35% Ch21:58% When I finished UWorld, Saunders, and PDA I went over Hurst review and Mark Klimek (this was 3 weeks before my test ) finished Hurst and Mark in a week. Then started reviewing pharm 2 weeks prior with UWorld and remar review top 100 drugs (I'm weak in pharm so I thought I'd review that 1 week before so that I remember it ) I don't suggest that but that's what I did because it works for me. Did that in a week (2 weeks before test ) then 1 week before I went over the 30-page review thing (mostly the first page), Mark Klimek, and wrong answers in fundamentals, leadership and management, pharmacology on UWorld. Day Before: Studied From 5am-5pm ( I had to because that's just me. Went to spin class, watched the Bernie Mac show on NCLEX, then went to bed @ 10, woke up @ 6 because my test was @ 8 an hour from my house. 3 hours and 20 min I finished the NCLEX with 265. Took 1 break @75 to pray and give me peace and calmness. When I finished I walked out crying because I thought I failed but my mom told me she knows I passed (my mom is always right ) LOL and sure enough I did. I did the PVT trick 2 hours and 17 min after and it works! Throughout my whole 2 & half months of studying I prayed every day (day and night ) for knowledge to stick in my head and for my anxiety to not get the best of me the day of the test. In those 2 & half months of studying I had 3 dreams that I passed, all with the same reaction! 1 month before my test I visited another church and guess what the sermon title was: "Relax it's just a test". Yea I know...