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Syringe Pump

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What is the proportion of Syringe Infusion Pumps in Hospitals and Clinics compared to other types of Infusion Pumps?

meanmaryjean, DNP, RN

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I work in pediatric critical care, and we use probably ten syringe pumps for every standard IV pump. The reason being everything we do is weight based, and the volumes are extremely small and specific. (e.g 0.14 mL/ hour)

Thank you meanmaryjean for sharing the proportion of syringe drivers in the pediatric critical care..

Can somebody give me more proportions in the other healthcare / hospital settings?


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In adult care we don't use many syringe pumps. I would GUESS (no factual basis, just an estimate) that we use 98% IV pumps, 2% syringe pumps. I'm sure there are some areas that use them more frequently, but I've really only used them for large doses of Lasix and other meds that have to be pushed really slowly. I've worked in ICU, PCU, and hospice.