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Sydney vs WA grad entry nursing programs (international student)

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I just got a conditional offer of acceptance to u of sydney's masters in nursing program (graduate entry). I'm waiting to hear about the interview and assessment dates.

Anyone out there have feedback about u of Sydney's graduate entry nursing program?

I'm also considering applying to a few schools in WA (UWA, University of Notre Dame, Curtin) & U of Melbourne. I have some friends in Perth so feel I know more about that area than Sydney or Melb :)

Anybody know how competitive these programs are? It's hard to find specifics online about acceptance rates! I feel like I'm stabbing around in the dark with these apps... conditional offer seems promising but I'm thinking maybe the interview & assessment are the real challenges?

Would love to hear some first hand accounts re: the application/ admission process, the programs at any of these uni's, etc!



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