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SXU Applying for Nursing

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Hi everyone!!

I have a few questions and hope I can get some help. Thank you in advance! ������. I am going to an open house at SXU this week. I'll give you a little background of my story. I'm 33 years old single mom of 3 boys. I've been an MA for the past 15 years. I have no degree of any sort. But I am very interested in finally pursuing my dream.

Do you think I have a chance getting into the university with my GED? I have some college credits from Moraine but they are more than 10 years or so. I don't mind an extra year for my bsn I know I have to complete the pre reqs.

I am terrified that now I'm too old or that they turn me away. I did things backwards in my life and I know you hear this a lot but Nursing is my passion. I have had the privilege of working under beautiful souls (nurses). Sorry if I didn't place in the right forum.

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