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Switch to new job or not

Specializes in med surg.

Right now I am working for an agency. I had a job interview on Wednesday for Home nursing. I have a made list of differences.

MSN (current agency):

1. flexible scheduling

2. pay $19-$22/hr

3. maybe 5 shifts a wk but maybe 1 or 2 depending on the week

Home Nursing (possible new job):

1.For sure 37.5/per wk

2. Sick days

3. Six holidays per yr

4. Personal days

5. pay 15.30/hr

6. .40/per mile for gas

So do I take the pay cut and get the for sure hours? Or do I tough it out with agency and see hours get better? I am considering maybe working home nursing and working for MSN one day a week too.

I have not been offered the job yet. But I am still debating it. Any thoughts ??????? Shannon :banghead: :confused:

my first thought is , in this economy, go with the "for sure thing",,,if you are not dependent on a regular pay check then stick it out with the agency,,,i would probably do what you said :take the FT job and keep the agency one day a week.....best wishes;)

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