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Surgical Wounds

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I have a resident who has had a trach > 6 month and has recently removed the trach. MDS is asking that I begin to follow so they can count it as a surgical wound. Is this possible to count these areas now as a surgical wound? And if so how much difference does that make with the coding? Please forgive my lack of knowledge, not a MDS nurse.

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rai p 3-166 g. surgical wounds - includes healing and non-healing, open or closed surgical incisions, skin grafts or drainage sites on any part of the body.

the former trach site meets the definition, until healed.

'am not sure what you meant by "difference in coding". the mds does want an accurate picture of the resident during the lookback period. if you mean reimbursement, w/ tracheostomy care about $350, no trach care but surg'l wound w/ rx $300, no trach no surg'l wound $245, per day. that's just a rough estimate. there are still other conditions to be considered.

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