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Hello everyone!

New grad nurse here and I was fortunate enough to get a job interview for a surgical/oncology floor. However and I'll be honest that as a new grad, I don't have any experience for this unit. I finished my last clinical placement at a Medicine/Rehab-Stroke unit so this will be a total 360 for me. I was wondering if anyone can share their experiences on this type of unit/setting. What are some interview questions I should expect?

Greatly appreciate your help!


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Considering that you're a new grad. Be humble but assertive. Some nurses out there are grandiose and it's not something administration looks kindly on. They'd ask you if you work well with others, can you take constructive criticisms, can you deal with different personalities on the unit, where do you see yourself in 5-10 yrs (don't say "I don't know", say something like "I see my self as a head nurse" or something along that line), how's your time management, what are your strengths, what are your weaknesses (be honest but smart with this question). Good luck!