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Surgical office job


Just got an interview for a surgical office job... anyone have a job like this? It's an office position but for a surgical group. What would be the RNs responsibility? What are some sample interview questions? and do you think the pay would be more similar to a doctors office, hospital, or somewhere in between? Any advice would be appreciated! thanks!

I don't have an answer for you on this but I am interested. I've had several years working in an office for Endocrinologist/Oncology and we were very busy...exams, physicals, procto's ect...blood, chemo, bone marrow taps..bp checks etc..

I found out it's not as clinical as I would have liked...they do some small procedures in the office (basically anything you can do with only a local anesthesia) and they do a lot of wound care. I got the idea that it's mostly just talking to patients, taking histories, telephone triage, teaching ect. Seems like an office job just with the focus on surgery where if you're looking for more procedures and technology like I am it might not be the best fit. Hope this helps!