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Surgical assistant

Yesdoc Yesdoc (New) New Student

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surg tech looking to further education

I’d like to pursue a career as a surgical assist.

How or what steps would I have to take to become one ?

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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Welcome to allnurses, @Yesdoc! Since your post is specific to the OR realm, your thread has been moved to the OR forum for more relevant replies.

You'll need to attend a program, which will include a clinical component. You have 2 options: attend a surgical first assistant program, which is a role you're already on the path for as a surgical technologist or you could attend nursing school, become an RN, get the required experience, and then attend an RN first assistant program.

CAAHEP info for SFA: https://www.caahep.org/Students/Program-Info/Surgical-Assisting.aspx

Search for accredited SFA programs: https://www.caahep.org/Students/Find-a-Program.aspx

RNFA info: https://www.rnfa.org/rnfa-program/