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Surg Tech to LPN

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Hi all! I graduated with my AAS in Surgical Technology in 09. At the time, I was a single mom with a 3 year old son, working 40 hours in a corporate office, heavily pregnant with my second child and going to school full time. I never went and got my certification for surg because at the time, my hearing was so bad, I did not feel it would be safe to work in the OR with this disability. Since then, I have gotten hearing aids, so I am finally fulfilling my lifelong dream of going to nursing school. I actually enrolled yesterday at our local community college. My degree in surg is from a private technical college (HUGE mistake) so of course none of my credits will articulate. My question is, since I do have this degree, will this help me in getting a job when I graduate LPN school? I am also still going to work full time (same corporate office job - 11 years now :banghead:) while in school until clinicals. I have quite a bit built up in my 401K that I can use to pay my mortgage while not working. I know that I can do this, as I've done it under tougher situations. Also, any recommendations on hearing aid safe stethoscopes? And will hospitals look at my wearing hearing aids as a risk? Any help would be appreciated.

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