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SUNY distance learning network

Has anyone gotten pre-req's experience with SUNY distance learning network? At first glance it seems like they offer everything i need but i'm wondering if anyone has experience with them. Thanks so much!

I've taken courses through them. Of course, I am usually a SUNY student, so they're accepted.

txspadequeenRN, BSN, RN

Has 20 years experience. Specializes in ICU, PICC Nurse, Nursing Supervisor.

do they have a across the board tuition for distance learning or is there a in and out of state rate. they have a online program i have been looking at. :wink2:

i've taken courses through them. of course, i am usually a suny student, so they're accepted.

I'm taking my courses through Cayuga Community College though SLN and there is a difference between instate and out of state. It's about a 50% difference. This semester i'm taking micro and API. 3 days in but it seems like a thorough program. I have to buy a microscope to complete my lab time. And take photos of my results!

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