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Sumner college portland

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I am looking for any insight about Sumner college's adn RN program ( in combination with their agreements with Linfield and PSU, Walla Walla etc). I have searched online and so much is geared towards the 12 month LPN program. As many for profit schools there are equal negative and positive feedback. I am familiar with this as I attended a career college for dental assisting.

Does anyone know anything about the school or agreements? I have orientation on Monday to start the application process. I am also looking for any input on this as well.

Also, side has anyone else come feo. The dental world? How is the transition?

Thank you for the help!

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OliveOyl91 is a CNA, RN and specializes in Orthopedics, Trauma.

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Sumner has a very solid nursing program. If given the opportunity, I’d go for the RN. It’ll be tough to go from LPN to RN without starting over. We had several LPNs in my RN cohort. I just graduated and passed my NCLEX first time around.

They accept transfer credits, which is nice, but regional schools like Linfield won’t accept Sumner credits at face value. I looked into doing my RN-BSN at Linfield, Washington State, and Boise State. They all require several gen ed classes before being eligible to apply for their RN-BSN programs. Even with classes I took at Lower Columbia College, I was looking at 25-30 quarter credits to take before applying to those schools.

I’m starting my RN-BSN online at Chamberlain. They accepted many of my credits from LCC and Sumner, and I’m able to dive straight into the program.

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