Suggestions for working in rural healthcare


I apologize for writing off topic but there have been no other posts here for months, I reckon. I thought that I should start where there has been some activity.

I sympathize with the problems of small, rural hospitals and practices. The difficulty, however, is part of the charm -- working always with less of everything.

I work in a rural medical practice but it is not as rural as the one where I worked before. I miss the element of surprise from a very rural practice -- the mountain man brought in from the wilds; the purple man who came off the highway; the fingers bitten nearly clean off; stitching one in the foyer and one in the vestibule.

I live in southwest Virginia -- about thirty miles from Roanoke. I am interested in relocating and I am interested in medicine in a rural setting.

I am a LPN with twenty five years or so experience.

Any suggestions for where I might find a job in a rural setting? I have been looking at Kodiak Island, Alaska but I have seen no jobs for a LPN.

Where can I look?

Marsha Faizi

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