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Suggestions on passing the pn-nclex examination

tbel1ma tbel1ma (New) New

Hi everybody:

I graduated from a technical-vocational school in Florida I took my boards inMay and I failed it. I got to 110 questions I was feeling good until I got thebad news in the mail. I studied Saunders well an old edition a "greenbook" given by the school, I purchased the Q-bank questions from Kaplanthat came with a huge book that didn't help me. I had other four more reviewsand I think I was overwhelmed by the amount of content and information.

But, I thought I would do all right but I didn't. I felt so DUMB...I cried andwent into a deep depression. I am a visual learner and the school I graduated Ifeel did not prepared me well enough for this test though all of my classmatespassed it and that made me feel even worse. I really do not what to do I have alousy job that barely pays my bills and I do not have extra money to pay forthat review and that review if you know what I mean.

I will be grateful to any suggestions you may have I have only taken once and Iam truly afraid. I noticed there is another review called "HESI/SAUNDERSnclex-pn no review yet on Barnes & Nobles and it goes for $67.35. I reallyneed to be working as a LPN I want to move on with my life and now I feeltrapped. Helpppppp!!!!! Please


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