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Suggestion for patient teaching material???

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Hey everyone, 

I’m currently om my labour and delivery preceptorship and I’m required to do a resource for the unit as part of my course project. My project idea is to create a patient teaching material covering the different pain medication options available while a woman is in labour. It would include information like what the medication is, its risks and benefits, stage of labour they can get it and administration info. I was initially going to make a poster to have it posted in each room however I talked to the unit manager and told me not to present it in a poster coz there’s already way too many things posted in the patient’s room and not everyone reads them anyway. 

I would like to know suggestions of a good teaching aid or a way to present the information other than a postsr? Maybe you have a really good teaching material at your unit that’s been effective and I could adapt. It would really be very helpful. I want to come up with something creative and impress the unit manager but I couldnt think of something. Im hoping to get suggestions from here :))

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1.  A puppet show talking about different options and regional anesthesia. 

2. An interpretive dance with each drug type having it's own movements.

3. A Medieval morality play with narcotics offering "succor" and spinal playing the role of wise guardian angel.  This could also be done as a puppet show. 

4. A chapbook of haiku with a poem for each drug

                 the needle's steel bite   

                brings such delicious succor           

               I'll have another





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