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Sudden diaphoresis in septic pt


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I was taking care of a septic patient last week and noticed during the middle of the night she suddenly became diaphoretic... I mean drenched in sweat. I quickly checked glucose and it was normal, then checked BP, okay too. None of the VS had changed, glucose normal, although she was septic and on pressors. Levo, Neo, and vaso. Any thoughts for the sudden diaphoresis? Was it just the septic process? Pressors?

I kept checking sugars through the night but they were stable and so was BP. I was actually weaning pressors. Anybody see this?


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How old was she? Menopausal? Could it have been a hot flash? Just thinking out loud, since she was afebrile and everything else seemed ok.


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She is 57. Hmm... I hadn't thought about the menopause thing... good thought.


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