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Hi my name is Brittany. I am twenty three and currently in nursing school. I am working nights as a CNA in labor and delivery. I feel like working while in nursing school is helping me gain extra... Read More

  1. by   dcgrrl
    Quote from SuperSara
    Oh wow, we are going to have a lot in common when I begin nursing school in August. I, too, will have to find a way to work while in school. I wish I didn't have to but its just not possible. I know that it is going to be rough so at least I don't have any illusions. I also have 2 kids!

    Good luck with everything!

    I work full-time, have three boys 6,8, and 12 and will start nursing school in the evening and weekends this August. I'm trying to get my husband and boys accustomed (as much as possible) to doing more things on their own such as helping with sorting laundry, divvying out the house chores, using a wall planner, etc. I know it will be essential for me to be well organized and use my time wisely. I MUST work if I am to have a roof over my head and food to eat. It will be hard but I know this is not impossible.
  2. by   ICU_RN_BSN
    I am about to start nursing school.. I have been a CNA home health aide for 2 years...I will be able to work my night shifts during school because with my home health aide I get to sleep when they do...they sometimes get up and I have a baby monitor into their room as many companies its like sleeping with a new baby that gets I still get some rest. And in the evenings at work I get to study. Its basically the perfect job for a student...think about it.
  3. by   weluv3
    I'm getting my CNA for basically this be able to work in the healthcare field while going to school! I need to be able to work nights and figure doing it as a CNA is better than bartending or serving tables (used to do this, good money though!) but want the work to be related to healthcare while I'm earning money!

    I'm thinking about getting my home health certification when I'm done with my CNA class for the above posters comments, that sounds like a sweet deal, except that it doesn't seem to give you the direct patient care as much per se, as a CNA in a hospital.

    I think we all can make it work if we really want it to and if we have a good family support system!
  4. by   vrojoh
    I am also a CNA that is working 36 hrs a week on nights while going to Nursing school. I am in my second yr, and yes it is tough sometimes, but I am a strong believer that with enough will power and dedication you can do anything that you set your mind too. Do not listen to the people that say that it is too much at one time and you will flunk out. They are haters . If you put in the time at school and study you will be fine. No you may not be able to do the things your friends are doing socially, but you it is very possible to work and go to school full-time. And for the people who say you can;t do both I have a 3.8 gpa and I have never called off a day of work while in school. Am I tired? Uh yeah!! But I am doing what it takes to pay my bills and better myself. Best of luck you will be great!!
  5. by   PediNurse3
    I worked 3p-3a while I was in nursing school because I was a single parent and I didn't have a choice.

    It was AWFUL. I would get off work at 3am and get up a couple hours later to either go to class or clinicals for 12 hours. My last two semesters I was able to cut back to 24 hours and it made life so much easier.

    My grades did not suffer, but I was absolutely miserable. My friends would ask me how I managed, and I honestly don't know. You do what you have to do to survive. If you don't have to work for financial reasons reasons, I would definitely advise enjoying your time in school and focusing on that.
  6. by   rninme
    I worked full-time evenings and nights while in RN school. It was brutal, but I did it. Also was a single mom to a teen-aged boy, and the primary caregiver to my two elderly parents. No time for myself, sleep deprivation and I graduated FIRST in my class. I did this for three years. Grades dropped from an A to a B in my last semester but I was so worn out by that time - I was thankful to get it.

    Currently in an accelerated BSN completion program and I am working full-time nights in the ED. It can be done but you have to take time for yourself when you can find it. Yoga - tai chi - anything to help you decompress. Good luck to you!
  7. by   Cari(:
    hi! im in high school and that is my dream to work as a cna in l&d while going to school. Do they normally higher cnas? The tech program im going to is a cna and aua program. Whats the difference? Or should i pursue medical assisting while going to school? I wanna a l&d job! help please ((: