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I wanted to take a few minutes and reach out to those students that are nearing the end of the torture called nursing school :uhoh3:. I graduated in July and like most of you have probably already... Read More

  1. by   abbyann
    I got in touch with someone high up in HR at my (former) company and let her know that this particular nurse was pushing all the full-timers out. Also described how she treated me. Don't know what will come of it, probably some heavy retaliation. I don't care, though. If I'm pushed out of nursing, I'll go to work for hospice as a caregiver.
  2. by   LouiseJakobsen
    yeah it all worries me... I graduate in a month! ahhh!
  3. by   jammin246RN
    I had the same exact experience for the first couple years. I was so discouraged I was willing to take a job paying $8.00 just so I wouldn't have to deal with the backbiting, backstabbing, lying, and BS.... I then took a agency per diem job which allowed me to side step much of that BS since I was only there to help out during the hospital's crunch time and when they needed extra staff. I was able to not go back to a hospital if they didn't treat me right with no reprocussions... Then I found my current job... the first few months were a little rough, but since then I have been able to actually practice nursing without having to worry about watching my back every night. I actually enjoy my job and taking care of my patients. My manager is a good manager, usually takes things with a grain of salt, and doesn't get involved with day to day unit politics. My advice is to go per diem agency after some experience and see how different hospitals are run, and who knows, you might actually find one you like.
  4. by   JazzyG-RN
    Quote from Catch22Personified

    Some people have been looking for jobs so long they can't even be considered new grads anymore.

    Personally, I am about to be one of those people. I graduated from an ADN program in May 2010 (with a BA from almost a decade ago), took and passed the NCLEX in July 2010 and I am still searching for my first acute care position in NY. From July to September, I took on the job search like it was my full time job. I then started working flu shot clinics/health screenings along with my non-nursing job (my appreciation for having this job is beyond words). I figured, 'let me add this experience to my resume and maybe, just maybe, it would help'. It is April 2011. I restarted my focused seach in January and I finally got a call and had my first interview at a facility that would be IDEAL and even though I felt it went very well, very little response leads me to believe that the competition may have pushed me out.

    Being a positive person, I am staying hopeful but I can't help but admit that it has been a discouraging process. After sending a plethora of resumes, filling out numerous online applications (since for many places this is the only way they will let you initiate contact) and asking anyone I know that works in a medical facility if they are hiring...I am about to hit the streets. Digital map, resumes, certifications and hope in hand.

    Stay strong my fellow 'New' nurses. Thank you for reading and suggestions are very welcomed .
  5. by   HelloNurse_RN
    i don't even care im ready for these jerk nurses, like in clinical, i was always on top of my game so when they dished it out, i came right back but with a smile, and that made them more angry.

    oh man! this one time, a nurse tried to say I was dumb because a picc line "couldn't possibly" cause infiltration as she was a nurse for "15 years bla blabla"

    so, i said..then why do you go look? and ofcourse it was and i was right. - i was like.. so you don't believe thats a possibility?

    maybe she should read about them in her book again stupid lazy witch

    my teacher was so proud of me. i smiled, and said "yes, i know when someones ARM is THAT cold, their hand, and forearm is bulging like pop-pye the sailor, that the fluids the cause, regardless of the type of line!

    i turned off the pump, but it included the morphine drip - man was she angry!

    he was complaining of pain for so long and no one understood why.. i go in, turn him over q2, and wow..he looked like popeye.

    they called him into IR the next day, and my teacher kept me updated.

    god, i hated her. (that evil brat nurse) but oh man, she looked so dumb after trying to embarrass me at the station in front of the dr.'s and med students! ha! best day of clinical ever.
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  6. by   abbylynnepitt
    Hello I have to give an address at the pinning ceremony on April 28th and I have no idea where to begin! Any advice?
  7. by   abbylynnepitt
    Hello, I know this has nothing to do with teh subject but I thought I would ask anyway, I have to give a speech for the pinning ceremony and i have no idea where to begin! Any advice!? Thanks
  8. by   GN 2B
    I'm about to be a graduate nurse as of May 13, 2011, and I really am trying to avoid the headache and struggle of not having a job before then. I'll graduate with my ADN to go along with my BA & MA degrees (in other disciplines). I'm not having the best of luck so far on getting any feedback, yet alone, landing ANY interviews (and I've applied to only about 75+ positions...literally!). Does anyone have ANY information on GN positions in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, or anywhere in Texas for that matter? I would really appreciate all the help and assistance that I can get....