The Ultimate Sacrifice: The Nurses of Gulu-- Ebola War

  1. a canadian filmmaker goes to uganda to document wartime atrocities. he ends up creating a film about nurses engaged in the horror of their lifetimes.

    one hundred seventy-three people died in the outbreak, including a doctor and 12 nurses. belluz said more people were saved from infection or death because of the extraordinary job of containing the disease and educating
    people about what they should and shouldn't do.

    you're a nurse. a deadly epidemic breaks out. would you risk your life to help your patients? in the fall of 2000, 12 nurses in uganda died doing just that.

    to david belluz, cinematographer, it was the story of a lifetime.
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  3. by   spaniel
    Fabulous post. Yes, we spend so much time studying the "bad" in people and so little on altruism, and on people who defy the tide. I once went to a lecture by Miep Gies-the woman who hid Anne Frank's family. Thank God for journalists who are also willing to do this work.