share your journey from failing to succeeding

  1. hi! I'm in the dumps right now.. I just want to hear your stories about failing on something that you love then eventually succeeding.I keep on telling myself that just because I failed or hit a bump doesn't mean that it's the end for my nsg career. But hearing from you guys will help boost me more. thanks
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  3. by   Okami_CCRN
    When I first started college I was young and immature. I did not take my new independence well and ended up failing A&P I three times, English II twice, developmental psych and chemistry once because I would not show up to class and exams.

    After a while I realized that I really had to get back on track and re-took all my failed classes and brought my GPA from a 2.1 to a 3.6 in about two semesters. When it came time to apply to nursing programs I was so nervous and scared because of all the F's on my transcripts. I always wrote an additional letter to the admissions committee honestly explaining my educational woes and how I have changed.

    I ended up being accepted to my number one choice nursing school and will be beginning clinicals in September.

    Things happen in peoples lives and you just have to be honest to yourself and others.
  4. by   That Guy
    Ha which part? first year of college or failing a nursing class and being held back?

    Nursing way I basically failed a class because my head was too far up my ass and I couldnt see the big picture. Took it the next semester passed, passed nclex, got a job before graduating now working my dream job in the ER. Life sucks sometimes. You hit road bumps. You can get through it if you want to.

    I almost pity those people that have never had to work through something hard. Working through crap gives you a new perspective.
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  5. by   Hygiene Queen
    I failed nursing school twice.
    I was having trouble concentrating and understanding NCLEX-style questions.
    I had to state my case before the board.
    This took much soul-searching, reflection and work on my part... but I got back in because I could tell them what I did wrong, how I was planning to fix it, what I had already begun to do, and what I would continue to do.
    I had no prepared speech, no notes, I didn't cry, I didn't blame anyone and I was solid on my plan of action.
    I graduated, passed NCLEX with no problems what so ever.
    I have a good job and am told I am doing quite well.
    I appreciate what I achieved all the more because of how hard I had to work for it.

    You can rise above a failure, but you must work hard.
  6. by   33762FL
    Not related to nursing but -

    I failed the road test 3 or 4 times before I passed (my memory also fails me here, as it was over a decade ago).

    I went to the prom alone.

    I bombed in college my first time around, I was young, immature, and didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I picked an easy liberal arts major and got B's, which is the equivalent of D's when you take grade inflation at a fancy private college into account. I had no friends in college.

    I had a lackluster, low level career as a recruiter in the finance industry.

    I didn't have a boyfriend until I was in my mid 20's

    I was quite the loser, but when I finally matured and got it together, I went to nursing school, was top of my class, and have enjoyed working as an RN for a year. I'll also be finishing my BSN within 18 months of licensure!

    Moral of the story - in many situations in life, you can reinvent yourself if you work hard enough for it.
  7. by   NikkiC213
    Here's my nursing school journey. These were probably the hardest years of my life but thank God I endured it.

    I was always an average student and did pretty well in school. But during my first semester I failed my Pharm class because at that time we used HESI and if you didn't get the raw score then you failed. Well I took it and was 7 points away from pass (raw score was 750 and I didn't make it). So I had to repeat the class. Btw, I went to an accelerated nursing school so we didn't have any breaks except one week before we started the new term and each term was 9 weeks long. Then I failed my 2nd class which was OB & Peds. I was 1% away and they didn't let me through. I cried so hard that week. I wanted to give up and quit nursing school!! But then I kept pushing myself because I knew in my heart that I was meant to be a nurse.

    Later that year I excelled more than ever and soon became part of the Nursing Honor Society at school. I thanked God for that. Then this past May I had an interview the day before my graduation at the hospital of my dreams and got the job!!! Later I passed my exit exam/ATI NCLEX predictor with a 98% chance of passing the NCLEX. I took my nclex last week on Tuesday and woke up on Friday morning as an RN with my active license on California's BRN site!

    So there you have it! Let my story inspire you to push yourselves towards the finish line! Seriously, after failing 2 classes I wanted to give up! I didn't think I was going to even graduate but with prayer, hard work, and dedication, I not only graduated but landed my dream job and became an RN! GOOD LUCK FUTURE RNS! YOU WILL ALL MAKE IT!
  8. by   NikkiC213
    P.s.- I wanted to include this quote that I got from this site: "Sometimes God gives us delays to show us the magnitude of a MIRACLE." With that said, after failing 2 classes, I was still able to graduate, land my dream job and become an RN all within a span of 2 months. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND HAVE FAITH! Sometimes my parents & I laugh and joke about this because who knew that this could all happen, yet I was able to succeed. SO IF I CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU!!
  9. by   NikkiC213
    @That Guy: I know the feeling! I failed 2 classes and was held back but I'm glad it happened or else I would not have met some of the most amazing group of friends that I know will be there for me no matter what! We have come so far and I used to envy my friends who had it so easy-never failed a class or anything! BUT WORKING JUST AS HARD AND HAVING YOUR HARD WORK BEING PAID OFF IS THE MOST AMAZING FEELING!!!!
  10. by   DizzyLizzyNurse

    I was waaaay too immature to be going away to college, but I did anyway. When I dropped out, I had a 1.67 GPA.

    I decided I wanted to be a nurse after being a CNA for a while, and I graduated LPN with honors.

    Then I went to RN school, where due to working full time, going to school full time, and having a lot of personal issues (breaking up an engagement and then dating a real loser), I was soooo overwhelmed and I failed my 3rd semester by 2 points.

    But then I redid the semester, finished nursing school, and passed the Nclex on the first try.

    I also didn't have a serious bf until I was 19. I just turned 30 and I'm single. Ah well.
  11. by   hapahaole
    I interviewed at UCSF for a new graduate position in the unit I did my senior preceptorship it. I was very over-confident about landing this position as I'd developed a great relationship with the nurses and also worked at the hospital as a nurse's aide. This was literally the job I'd been working towards for 4 years, my "DREAM JOB."

    I received the phone call two weeks later telling me I wasn't offered the position. Words cannot express how crushed I was. It was the single most humbling experiences of my life. I struggled to maintain a positive attitude and I was depressed for a good two months. I felt like I'd disappointed myself and had nothing to show for my four years of nursing school. During this time, I continued to receive countless rejection emails from the 30+ other jobs I applied to and most of the time didn't even hear back at all. At work, my coworkers (RN's and other nurse's aids) would ask me if I landed the UCSF job or if I was employed yet. I got asked this nearly every day by at least 10 different people at work... It was very tiresome and discouraging.

    Out of the blue I received a phone call from a talent strategist from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia--#1 children's hospital in the country. She asked if I was interested in the PICU.... (my specialty). I flew out to PA for the grueling 7 hour interview and fell (cautiously) in love with the nurses, other staff and environment. Not wanting to make the same "cocky" mistake I had with UCSF, I doubted that I would get the job. A week went by and no word. I continued to fill out applications for CHLA, etc...

    Tonight, I was offered the position in their PICU.

    It sounds so horribly cliche to promise that "it gets better" but everything absolutely happens for a reason. Too often we are taught to find happiness after our successes but it is far healthier to be grateful for what you have now than to constantly dangle the carrot just out of reach.
  12. by   Amisadai
    I am standing by the "it gets better" since I received awful news related to nursing school on thursday...
  13. by   MyOwnBlueSky
    I am loving these success stories!! Inspiration galore... Thanks guys! I love this site and whenever I find myself not wanting to study I read some posts on this site and I'm back on track. Motivation and a vision for my future is essential
  14. by   pre-nurseshan
    Same here MyOwnBluesky - in fact, I sometimes have to tell myself I never will be a nurse if I don't get back to work! I just found out that I failed my most recent exam in a&p 2, and I'm afraid I did the same with my most recent exam I'm a&p 1 (I'm retaking them both at the same time because the credits were too old for my school of choice). Thankfully the prof drops your lowest grade, and I have a cumulative final a week from Thursday. That's for a&p 2. A&p 1, no drops, but I think I can pull out a B in both classes. I've already received my acceptance to the SON for January - hopefully my B's this semester won't cost me my spot.