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  1. Hi everyone,
    I am new to this site and was compelled to join because of the many testimonies and support offered. I also found out I failed the NCLEX this month and I have been having a difficult time moving forward. I was in denial for about a week, and could not accept the fact that I actually failed it. I got all 265 questions and stayed the entire 6 hours! I think I am slowly recovering and building my confidence back up, but I am moving in baby steps. I am hesitant in getting back into my study regimen. I do not know how to structure my study plan this time around because I felt like I did everything I could the first time but didn't pass. I took the HURST review and I devoted 3 straight weeks 7-8hrs a day. Content, practice tests, rationales. I was only scoring 49% on the Kaplan trainers and 50-60% on HURST exams. I am unsure how to begin a new study plan because I have no idea what went wrong last time I studied. Anyone who failed the NCLEX the first time, do anything differently in studying the second time??
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  3. by   Anna Flaxis
    Quote from chriis
    I was only scoring 49% on the Kaplan trainers and 50-60% on HURST exams.
    You need to score AT LEAST 70% on test prep exams to pass the NCLEX. I used Saunders. Good luck!
  4. by   Anna Flaxis
    BTW, I thought this thread was going to be about birth control.
  5. by   Smackdown
    I also thought this thread was going to be about birth control. I used Saunders and found it very good!
  6. by   nurseynursej
    I was so thinking BC too! Kaplan was my BFF for NCLEX. My friends that missed passing the first time redid the week of kaplan and passed. Hey you might wanna wait and see what your weaknesses are before beginning a new regimen. They will send you a print out showing you exactly which areas to improve upon...Good Luck
  7. by   Amanda.RN
    NCLEX will send you a report of the things you need improvement on. I would wait for this report and then determine what you need to do. I used a personal study guide prior to taking my exam (purchased at Barnes & Noble), so I'm not personally familiar with any of the classes you can take, but I've heard really good things about Kaplan - maybe consider retaking the classes they offer.

    Good luck!
    Amanda Tillema
  8. by   DizzyLizzyNurse
    I liked Kaplan a lot. I also used ATI. Don't even sign up to take the test again until you score AT LEAST 70%. Good luck!
  9. by   nurseshing14
    hey! dont give up, just try and try 'til u succeed. everything has reasons, perhaps it wasn't yet your time. be positive. saunders is a good one.
  10. by   jdRN1
    don't lose hope. at least you have experienced on answering the actual exam. I failed my NCLEX the first time i tried it. same thing happened to me. i went through the stage of the grieving process. LOL DABDA. which is seriously true. i felt like i did my best but why? why did i fail? but again, you'll get through it. believe me. just set your goals and look forward to the future. that's what i did, the second try, i passed.

    what i did was i gave myself a cool off after my first exam. i relaxed and start a new life over again. after a month or two i'm not sure how long, i started reading my saunders 5th edition over again. some practice questions.

    by the way, i also reached 265 the first time and i got all near passing but no above passing standard. the second time i tried i also reached 265 but this time i passed.

    The only thing i didn't do is check the pearson vue trick because the first time i did it, it let me go through the credit card info. the second time, i try not to use the trick so that it'll be a matter of waiting and surprise. so yea i checked the BRN site after 3 days and i am officially an RN.

    I hope you pass your NCLEX. good luck to you and don't lose hope. some things are just meant to happen.
  11. by   TaniqueRN
    I suggest reduing Kaplan. Give it another try. But like everyone says wait for the reply on what you should improve on. But with every test you take: RELAX AND BREATHE. Try not to focus on passing when taking the test, cause thats a distraction. Focus on the question at hand. Usually when I hear of people failing these test, it's not because they didn't study or they didn't know the material, they were just too nervous and scared. Not only do you have to prepare yourself mentally, but also physically.

    Also I would suggest doing the Qbank questions. You have already done them but when you get questions that you've had before sometimes you already memorized the answer. But ask yourself for every practice question, "why is this answer and not the other." Always keep rationales in your mind, you'll never go wrong.

    God's Blessings on everything. You can do it, it's not impossible. And stop putting yourself down. You have another chance. You've passed the hardest, nursing school. So take my advice calm and pace yourself and you'll do just fine.
  12. by   noreenl
    You can do Kaplan or if you feel unsure about studying on your own try reaching out to your school for tutoring in your weak areas or maybbe take a refresher course at your local college if it is ofered. I will be thinking and praying for you as well!:hgu:
  13. by   voc0518
    wow, I to took the nclex and got 265 and failed. like you im having a very hard time recovering. You feel like a failure and embarressed. I had two other nurses i work with in my class and they passed, one has a head now we cant fit through the door , makes me feel worse. Ive been lpn for 25 years , im crushed. I have saunders and studing but my heart not in it. I cant afford the classes any suggestion.
  14. by   tiffjh2
    Emergency contraception..if u thought u forgot we r here to help..when plan A fails go to plan B!!
    Don't study 8 hours a day. Try 1 to 2 hrs. A night. Rest. Eat Healthy. Deep breathing. Build your confidence. You might just have test anxiety and you should make flash cards and voice recording; it works, I promise. GOOD LUCK!