Nothing can hold you back

  1. I'd like to share my story, and give some inspiration to those who feel like they don't have what it takes to be successful- you do.

    I grew up very poor. I never had a home, My father and I always lived in apartments with a roommate. My dad worked as a mechanic in a bowling alley, and we lived paycheck to paycheck. My mother is Bi-polar and was abusive, which is why i lived with my dad. And when my dad went to work at 6am, i went with him, because i had no one else to watch me, and my dad didn't trust the male roommates he had. (thank you dad, for protecting me.) I didn't have help in school with homework, and i started to fail classes when i was in about the 4th grade. My dad was a severe alcoholic. I failed the 6th grade and had to take summer school, and i just didn't care about anything. Life was very hard. I lived in a small, dirty apartment. There were cigarette burns all over the chairs and carpet, cockroaches, plants grew out of the sink, rats, and i would even find my dad's rotted teeth laying on the floor occasionally. (seriously) When i got older, and entered high school, i knew i needed to break this cycle. I joined a nursing school and did half high school and half nursing school. The nursing school was horrible too, i suffered from sexual harassment, slander, and bullying. And yes, i did consider quitting and giving up-many times. but i did not, this is where the power of motivation comes in. I was motivated to make a better life for myself, i didn't want to end up in jail like my 2 brothers. I pulled through the torment, and graduated that nursing school. I was the very first person to take and pass the NCLEX exam. I met my wonderful fiance, and were building a real life together. My dad drinks beer now, and my mother lives with my father again, and they help each other. My brothers are free and clean, and life can't get much better. My dad and mom still struggle a lot for money, but now that i am an LPN, i can send him some money every once in a while to help.

    So the moral of the story is this: No matter where your from, how you grew up, what your parents were like, or how stupid you felt- you can change your life, and you can do anything you want. You can reach your goals.
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  3. by   Skips
    Wow! That's an amazing story. Thank you for sharing. (: You seem wise and goal-oriented, and you're just 19! :redpinkhe You will do big things in life.
  4. by   LongislandRN23
    Great message to share! That must have been hard to talk about and share, but I am sure your story can relate to others and help them. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future!
  5. by   nursing.mypassion
    thx for sharing your personal story. I feel very inspired.
  6. by   xluescluesx
    What a great story. My goodness, I hate alcohol with a passion. Ruins so many families
  7. by   KimberlyRN89
    What a great story! I love happy endings
  8. by   Poi Dog
    Your story made me tear up. Thanks for sharing
  9. by   hopefull1
    Great inspiration for those of us that have to struggle to get through nursing school. It reminds me that with hard work and dedication we can over come our current situations. Thank you
  10. by   nowayis
    This is great, just amazing. Congratulations!! And I wish you continued success.
  11. by   CristinaSN
    That is amazing, congratulations and keep doing what you're doing. You are an inspiration to me!