New RN: NCLEX conquered 3rd attempt

  1. It's been a long road but...I learned so much in the journey it took to get there. It was so worth the pain it took to get there!After the traumatizing experience of failing once, picking myself back up, being told I passed the second attempt, then being told the next day it was an "unfortunate system error"....picking myself up was much more difficult. Every ounce of confidence I had left....shot. But 2 months later...3rd time is a charm....even on Friday the 13th! And was blessed with an amazing support system who believed in me when I didn't believe in myself! A long time coming but I'm OFFICIALLY 6 months out of school, RN-BSN!!!!!!! #RNstatus

    I wanted to share my success story as this site was an incredible support to me!!!

    please do not hestitate with questions!

    i want to help anyone as much as I can!
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  3. by   annabash_rn
    Congratulations nurse!!
  4. by   Maevish
    good for you!!