Inspiration to become a nurse

  1. What inspired you to become a nurse and why? Past the great hours, salary, etc.
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  3. by   Rod, Male Nurse
    Great hours? LOL
    Salary? LOL
    The above average salary was intriguing but nurses are so underpaid that anyone doing it for the money is in for a rude awakening. I am a caring person and my wife became a nurse. We explored the options having the same job, could ride to and from work together, and even do travel nursing together...all of which we do currently. We are now in the final year of our FNP degree doing it side-by-side. I don't know of any other job that has so many options. You could literally search for years and probably still find jobs that you didn't know existed in nursing.
  4. by   happyinmyheart
    Who told you nursing had great hours and a great salary? That's pretty debatable, and I think most nurses would disagree.

    I chose nursing because there's so many job options. There's many routes I could go for graduate school once I'm an RN, and many different specialties to choose from. I also have a mentor who inspired me for personal reasons.
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    12 hour shifts, alternating weekends and holidays? Maybe in someone's universe those are "great hours". Relative to responsibility, education and workload nurses are generously seriously underpaid when compared to other professionals.

    There is much potential and many opportunities as US & Canadian nurses are generalist trained. there are many specialties and niche nursing areas that increase diversity though not necessarily better hours or better pay.

    I became a nurse because I could.
  6. by   Mavrick
    I was intrigued by the "sciencey" medical aspect of the human body and wanted nothing more than to be a top-notch ICU nurse.

    The geographical flexibility of nursing. I could take my nursing skills, get a job anywhere and did. I have worked in Virginia, Missouri, Kansas, Montana, Arizona, Washington, California and Hawaii.
  7. by   Maevish
    I didn't want to, my parents wanted me to. Then, in the tough moments, I would think of my mom. Of all the creatures on god's green earth, she was the one meant to be a nurse. She wanted to do it, but was pregnant with me and even with the offer of a free education, housing, books, etc (her and dad were young and struggling) by a family friend, she didn't do it. She didn't want to leave me in daycare once I was born, even though it would have been free to her.

    I thought of that when I wanted to quit and not look back because she would have given anything (almost!) to live her dream. She just happens to be FINALLY looking to do the LVN-RN course, 6 kids and 8 grandchildren later, but better late than never. She'll be amazing! I still think of her when I have hard times at work.