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I took my boards Monday (8/11/08) and I was positive I failed. My computer shut off at around 90-110. I'm not sure because I didn't look after 80 or so. I had in my mind that everyone who I've ever... Read More

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    Thank you SO much for posting this!! I'm a senior right now...and I'm defi feeling the heat!!!

    But..KUDOS to you!! YOU DID IT!!!
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    I remember when I took my NCLEX. It was the most frightening thing. But as soon as the result was known, there is no greater feeling in the world! Congratulations again!!!
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    Quote from RelievedRN
    I took my boards Monday (8/11/08) and I was positive I failed. My computer shut off at around 90-110. I'm not sure because I didn't look after 80 or so. I had in my mind that everyone who I've ever spoke to that took the test got 75 and passed, so when my computer didn't stop I freaked out and a bit of a panic attack. I was so stressed while taking this test I could hardly stand it. I hardly remember any questions at all. We'll after I go home I started looking at the board of registered nursing hour after hour and I counld not eat or sleep. I was so sure I failed I was read to call a recent job offer I received to say I'm sure I failed. The only thing that got me through the last few day with any hope at all was this website. I read stories similar to mine and it gave so comfort to know I was not alone and just because you didn't get 75 and have your computer shut off you failed. I FOUND OUT TODAY AT 5:55 AM ON THE BRN WEBSITE I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I promised myself if I passed no matter what I was going to post this information on this site, so maybe it will ease the anxiety this causes so many people. It is hard to wait for results, but it is possible you will pass because I did. I felt like I failed for sure and was so upset before I even found out for sure. Thank you to everyone and I hope this will help someone who is going through the same thing. A special thank you to the posts of others who helped me get through the last few day of the worst stress I've ever had. Even worse then nursing school. I can't believe I'm finally an RN.
    Believe it. You worked hard for it, studied hard for it, and got it the old fashioned way (as John Housemann would say, "you earned it.")... Congratulations!
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    congrats! RelievedRn. I am also using Kaplan and hope to test soon. How do you intend to migrate to the US. I am an international nurse, but here taking a degree in business, and also preparing to be an Rn here in the Us. Did you get some agencies to file for you? Please how did you prepare for nclex. What helped you at the exam hall
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    I took nclex RN last Aug. 11 my computer stopped on #108-110. Test was really difficult..Waiting for result is making me crazy...Please tell me how to get results faster.
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    Try the Pearson trick...sign in to Pearson and act like you are trying to sign up for test. If you get all the way to pay, you didn't pass. If it doesn't get that far, you passed. I hope I explained this ok. You are suppose to be able to see today using this method. Good luck to you!!!!
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    Inspiring story!
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    I took my RN NCLEX on Tues., Aug 17th and still have no results, nothing on Ohio Board of Nursing and no link on Pearsonvue to check quick results and it is now Thurs August 19th, 2010. Can someone help me out? What do I do? I felt pretty good about the test but must have failed. Thanks
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    quick question, what does the test consist of?? is it multiple choice??
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    Congrats to you!!!