I need help and advice please!!

  1. Hello, I'm a senior in high school and wanted to be a nurse until I entered Anatomy and Physiology. I HATE IT!!! Studying is like pulling teeth. I just want to travel (specifically Europe) and help children. I don't know If nursing is for me, I thought that it was what I wanted to do but now I'm thinking speech pathology. Which would be better for me and what my dreams are? What field makes more? Please help me! I always wanted to be in neo-natal but I was told that it is nearly impossible to get accepted in that program. Help me
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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    A&P courses are tough, I hated them. But, it is not a reason to not go into nursing. It is just something that you have to get through to reach your goal.

    When you talk about traveling, are you talking about medical mission trips or working in Europe as a nurse?

    Working in Speech Pathology requires a Master's degree. That would mean 6 yrs of school. There are jobs in Pediatric Speech Pathology.

    Neonatal nursing is not a program. You need to either get your Associate degree in Nursing or your Bachelor Degree in Nursing, then apply to jobs in Neonatal. It can be difficult to get a job as a new graduate in NICU, but it is possible.
  4. by   Neats
    Going through life avoiding issues that are hard is not living. You have to have failure as well as success in order to learn and grow. If it is a school subject that you dislike then study just that much more and make it fun. A&P can be fun, wear a skeleton suit when studying the bones, same with muscle. When it comes to cells think of a construction company and logistics---again make it fun.

    You are young if you start down this road of I do not want to do this because it is difficult you will have a hard time in life. Face your goals with the goal in mind and treat each obstacle as a jump forward. If your goal is to be a pediatric healthcare licensed something then do it. If your goal is to just work with young adults there are many more professions in which you can assist. Teachers, business majors do not need A&P.

    By the way being a nurse, being a teacher, being a parent or just being a human being is sometimes like you are trying to pull teeth. It is how you approach what you do in life that will serve you well. Your glass can be half full, half empty or you can always get a new sized glass. You have choices make the most of them. Lastly Speech pathology requires you to complete A&P.
    Good Luck to you I am sure you will make some good decisions for yourself.