I Love My Job Because...

  1. disclaimer: i am finally starting to feel like a real nurse after starting my job in november. therefore, i wanted to start a *grateful* thread about what we love about our jobs. now, there are enough negative threads about why a certain job sucks so *please* *please* *please* don't turn this into another one. i'm begging you! just tell me why you like your job.

    now, i am really beginning to love my job. here's why:

    1. the preceptors. i said it before and i'll say it again, i love the preceptors at my hospital. they are wonderful. they enjoy their job and they help make mine a 1000 times easier. they are patient and understand that i'm new and don't hold it against me. being a preceptor takes a lot out of you and i'm just glad that these wonderful people were kind enough to volunteer for it.

    2. the staff. the overall intelligence level blows me away. even during a chaotic time like a code, their team work leaves me in awe :bowingpur. they barely talk during a code yet each member seems to know what the next needs. on top of it all, they teach during codes. this is why we're doing this. that's why that happened. just wow.

    3. my managers/educators. yes, i even have love for management today. what can i say? the hospital goes out of its way to make sure my orientation experience is a positive one. for that, they deserve props.

    4. all the people i work with know how to laugh at themselves. the icu can be a rough place to start (see my other thread) but ya know what? i work with nurses with great senses of humor. they mock and tease each other (lovingly for the most part) but they also know how to laugh at themselves.

    that's my gush fest. and remember, keep it positive
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  3. by   sapphire18
    I LOVE many of my coworkers They have become great friends.The teamwork is amazing.My boss is one of the nicest, most friendly bosses I have ever had.They made sure I had a successful orientation as well and that I felt comfortable before coming off of it.It pays the bills
  4. by   KelRN215
    I only have to be there 3 days a week. That's all I got.
  5. by   Flo.
    The chicken salad in the cafeteria is amazing!
  6. by   AICU RN
    Ha Ha. I work 4 days but hear what you're saying. Honestly though, being that so many new grads don't have jobs at all, I am very greatful for the one I do have. I like only working 4 days though...

    Better than our cafeteria, for how big of a hospital it is, their food sucks...but I like your answer
  7. by   Guttercat
    OK I'll play.

    I love my job because

    I am not on-call tonight and have tomorrow off.

    This Merlot I'm sipping on at the moment isn't bad either.
  8. by   VivaLasViejas
    I love my job because.......

    1) My boss is the most supportive, dynamic human being I've ever met. He takes good people and makes them better by encouraging us to streeeeeeetch outside our comfort zones, and he's the first one to applaud (and give us the credit!!) when we succeed.

    2) We have simply THE best management team in the business. Together, we rock!

    3) It pays the highest wages I've ever made in my life.

    4) It's never, ever boring!

    5) I get to meet people, go places, and do things I've never had the opportunity to experience before. I've met the company president, who knows me by name. I've gotten to attend State legislature meetings to advocate for senior issues. I've even given a speech in front of a group about the kinds of health services we offer at our facility and my role in the process.

    6) I'm treated like a professional and not an eight-year-old.
  9. by   SuesquatchRN
    Tremendous autonomy, constant use of my assessment skills and nursing knowledge, standing orders that allow me to do what needs doing, supportive management and co-workers (mostly), learn something new daily and, most important, this is the first nursing job I have had in which I feel that I can make a real difference. The nature of hospice work is nursing-centric - we truly collaborate with the physicians.

    Plus, I'm mostly travelling and not chained to a unit all day chasing down constantly changing orders and pacifying drama queens and unrealistic families.
  10. by   pitapita
    I love my job because most of our patients genuinely appreciate what we do to try to help them get better!

    Well...*most* might be stretching it a little bit, but I'm trying to think positively.

    - Pita
  11. by   madwife2002
    I love my job

    because no 2 days are ever the same!

    because I actually love patients and enjoy their journey!

    because I am never bored!

    because I am good at it!
  12. by   Godisthere
    I love my job as a volunteer at a local nursing home...

    What other job can give joy, comfort, and happiness to people everyday?

    I get to help the elderly feel like their younger self, give them the gift of a smile and a listening ear everyday, ease their loneliness and anxiety.

    I help them hang onto their past by intently listening to their stories, even though they tell me about their same pet cat over and over I read a story to people that can no longer see. I teach sign language to those who cannot communicate to the deaf. I paint the nails of a 93 year old who is too unsteady to do it herself.....

    It's hard to determine who benefits most from nursing: the patient or the nurse

    I can't wait to earn my BSN and help people even more.


    John 3:16
  13. by   46oldnewrn
    I work in long term care,and every day I come to work it is like a comedy club. The residents make me laugh so much!!
  14. by   Godisthere
    It has got2b one of the most rewarding "branches"......I deal with everything from love triangles, to rivalries, to arguements over who dyes their hair, who had the bigger BM after eating lobster bisque...it keeps me laughing too some ppl 4get that the elderly still have alot of spark, and are still the same person they were in highschool. The only thing holding them back from acting that way are their disabilities..... John 3:16.......GREAT POST OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!