1. When I started a new job, there was a resident that hadn't been walking for 2 mos, which was not normal for her. In report everyone passed on that she still wasn't walking and there was no explaination, her neurpathy must be getting worse and PT couldn't work with her either.
    One night when I was working, her son called and was fuming mad, he wanted to know why his mother wasn't walking, I told him I was new, and hadn't been down to assess her but I would go and check her out.
    I went down to her room and began asking her if she was in pain, she said her foot hurt, I took off her sock and her foot was red and warm, I touched her great toe and she winced. I called the Doc to get an order to test her Uric Acid level, later that night I got a call from the lab that her uric acid was Critical level, she was started on allopurinal and was up walking within a week.
    I felt very proud of myself, this had been going on for several months before I started and I was only there for a month when I discovered it, of course all of the nurses said, Well I thought it might be gout..................
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  3. by   renerian
    I have had gout flare ups and yes the big toe is usually the first to hurt.

  4. by   nightingale
    Wow LPN4life:

    What a difference you made in doing that assessment; that was a great call!

    I hope your DON knows how fortunate she/he is to have so thorough a nurse!

  5. by   opalmRN
    Good for you for taking the time to do one simple thing, asking the patient.

    Great story and sharp thinking on the assessment.
  6. by   Audreyfay
    Great initiative, assessment skills, and intervention! That's what "good" nursing is all about! Celebrate! :hatparty: