First L&D on my own

  1. I am a new grad, almost 5 months out of school. I was fortunate to obtain a job even before I finished school and started before I took the NCLEX. I was even more fortunate to move from the LTC in my facility over to the hospital 2 months in. Since we are a small, rural hospital we do everything including OB. This makes me happy because OB is my passion and I hope to one day go back to school and become a CNM. Last night I had my first OB patient all on my own. When she came in at 7pm, barely at a 2 with contractions only 10-20 minutes apart I was a little disappointed because I very much wanted a delivery. Amazingly the pitocin worked its magic and by 2am her water broke, she was at a 5 and I could possibly see the delivery before shift change. Sure enough by 5am she was complete and by 530 she started pushing. I was able to be there for my patient from start to finish and it just reminded me why I went into nursing. Not that my non OB patients haven't gotten my full attention or the same level of care, I was just finally able to have a patient in the field I am interested in. I love that I get to take care of mom and baby tonight as well. I love learning something new each night that I work and hope that I will continue to love what I do. I am definitely still a new grad that doesn't know a whole lot but it doesn't scare me and it doesn't burn me out as it seems to do to a lot of new nurses. It helps that the people I work with are amazing teachers and are willing to answer my questions and show me how to do something without an eye roll or contempt. I love being in this profession and am so glad I finally chose it. I can honestly say I like being at work.
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  3. by   nurse42long
    Bless your heart. I remember my first labor patient that I was able to see from "start to finish", even though it was over 40 years ago. Keep this wonderful attitude and nursing won't let you down. I had some rotten days on the job but most were great. I wish you all the best.
  4. by   ruralnurse84
    Not only did the mom want to say goodbye to me before I left Monday morning and thanked me for all my help, she left me a thank you card when she brought the baby back in for a repeat hearing test. Totally melted my heart and almost made me cry. I certainly didn't get into nursing expecting gratitude or appreciation as most of us know that nursing can be a totally thankless job, but it is nice to be appreciated and told that I am doing a good job especially so early in my career. I feel that the more experienced nurses I work with really help make that happen as they will answer any question I have (I usually don't ask the same question twice) and I just love picking their brains because they know so much.
  5. by   MostlysunnyRN
    Congrats! Sounds like you've found your niche in nursing fortunately early on. It also seems like you have a great attitude and approach towards your new specialty. Attitude is 90% of the challenge so keep up the good work!
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    Awesome! L&D is the field I would like to go into as well, and I also want to get my CNM at some point. I've been an LPN for2 years now, and am graduating my RN class in 3 weeks I only hope I have the same kind of luck you've had. Sounds like a wonderful experience.
  7. by   Maevish
    I want to transition to Postpartum (because, frankly, even with all my ICU experience, the thought of being responsible in delivery freaks me out! haha) and I nearly cried reading your post because I remember seeing that in school and how amazing it was! It's nice to hear from a fresh perspective sometimes and deliveries never got old. I do not ever want children (and can't bear the thought of my netherregions being blown to kingdom come), but I do love babies and that was the first time I felt comfortable in nursing school while all of my peers were freaking out because they didn't. Good for you and I hope you find your OB job asap!

  8. by   MrsSassyLassie
    This is such an inspirational story. I want to be an L&D nurse. I'm just about to get my GED, and then I plan to enroll in my local college where they gave an accredited nursing school. Sometimes I get nervous because it all lies ahead of me. This story reminds me of what lies ahead if I work towards my dreams!