Finally a job I like!

  1. After two years of mucking about in the nursing world. I finally found a job that I am very happy at and is so satisfying. I am happy to get up and go to this job every day. I really love my job. I am seriously so happy. I have been at this job for only ten weeks now, but have not had a single day when I felt like quitting. I like the job, I like the patients, I like my coworkers. My other jobs I would feel like quitting even after less then a week on the job! What does this mean?!! Does this mean that I have finally found my niche? Happy and job are two things that usually have not gone together for me. Has anyone else ever experienced this?
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  3. by   Genista
    Wow! This is great news. Whre do you work, and do they have other openings? LOL. Just kidding. I am so glad you found your niche, or at least a happy place in the nursing world. I just came home from yet another miserable day at work, wondering why I chose to become a nurse. I had a patient's family member say some not so nice things to me today, and I was already feeling very low from the present work situation. I am wondering if I will ever find some place where I do not feel stressed out of my gourd, miserable, and unhappy. If I didn't have to support the family, I would surely quit my job (well, being an adult with responsibilities, I have to grin & bear it).

    I like to think there is some place out in nursing that is a perfect fit for me, too. Seeing your good news really lifts my spirits! I'm so happy you found a great job & wonderful work environment! It gives me hope to keep looking for a better job that is a better match, and that I may find something similar, too. Enjoy the new job! By the way, do you have any words of wisdom as to how you found the job that suits you best, or any encouraging advice for those of us still looking? Congratulations! :-) Thanks for sharing your happy news.
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  4. by   beeker
    Please tell us what you do!
  5. by   DedHedRN
    Well, I started out in Long Term Care nursing and didn't feel satisfied, I tried a few different facilities and never felt really happy. In fact I would dread going in at times and felt stressed out to the extreme.

    I had a dream job from when I was in nursing school and precepted with a home health nurse and knew right then that I loved that type of job and that was what I wanted to do! I had applied to work with a local agency that visited people in their homes and I was denied. After a year I tried another agency, they also replied that they were not hiring, I just kept emailing her my interest every six weeks or so and after eight months I was given an interview.

    I got the job and have been so happy ever since. I really like this job. I feel it is a good fit for me, and I'm a good fit for the job. I knew that I wanted to do this job, I just didn't know how much I would enjoy it, and how good I would feel about it. Its a total turn around from my other jobs that I would daydream about calling in sick to, or start feeling icky when I knew it was near the time to go to work. I feel like this new job is just a natural extension of my natural personality, and is a natural easy thing to do. I don't feel stressed out before work, or after. I feel like I am getting paid to do what I love to do. I know I wouldn't have been prepared for this or able to do this without my previous experience though, so I guess I can't really knock those stressful hard jobs as being a complete waste of time.

    I guess if you have a job that you think you might really like... keep trying, you never know.
  6. by   hiddencatRN
    Congrats on finding your place! I felt that way when I first started working as a nurse. In my previous work life I'd often dread going to work, be unhappy while I was there, call out for mental health days more than I should. But I really enjoyed my first job out of school. We spend so much time and energy at work I am a firm believer in doing something you enjoy!
  7. by   nervousnurse
    I am SO happy for you!!! It's always good to hear positive stories like this! I recently realized that my previous job had more positives than negatives, so I am hoping to be re-hired soon!
  8. by   MochaRN424
    Just when I was sitting here wondering where my life will take me next and thinking if anything will open up for me...I came across your post. Congratulations and enjoy! I will be so grateful when my time comes....:0)
  9. by   Racer15
    Congrats! I think I've been lucky to find the job that fits me straight out of nursing school. Some other classmates are working the same unit as I am and dread going to work, cry a lot...I have yet to cry or really dread going in. I have a good preceptor that hounds me about charting and a few other things, which really works for me. I'm lucky as heck to be working in a busy ED right out of school.