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Hi... Is there any Filipino nurses here who wants to share your success, hardship, duty, adjustment stories? I would really appreciate it...:spin:... Read More

  1. by   acnoflosangeles
    hi TODAY IS ONE OF THE MOST WONDERFUL DAYS IN MY LIFE! (aside from giving birth to two wonderful kids) I PASSED. I am now an LVN. For those (wo)men who wants to go back to school later in their life, I would say go for it. I am really not that old yet, but I am proud to say I am almost there, hahahaha... After I took my test, I was so devastated. I really felt that I failed.... I would like to thank God, yes there is a God, always there with me.....St Jude and Sto. Nino thank you and from all my friends and family that didn't stop believing in me, that I can do it, I thank you all!!!! To all my classmates, who will take the boards next year, Godspeed to all of you!!!!!!
  2. by   starbin
    Quote from elyza143
    I am proud to be a Filipina. Everytime I saw Filipina in the hospital I always try to make them notice me but most of the time they ignore me. When I start talking in Tagalog they are surprise because they think I am a Mexican and they will always say that is why I did not talk to you in the first place. Anyways, I hope that more and more of us will be fortunate to have a better life. Mabuhay
    I understand people feel closer to people from the same ethnic group. But I wonder why you don't talk to somebody who is "Probably Mexican". What is so offensive about Mexican or other ethnicity?
  3. by   newuser001
    im filipino and currently a freshman at CSUCI during my pre reqs for nursing i hope i get in but its sooo competitive =/