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Hi... Is there any Filipino nurses here who wants to share your success, hardship, duty, adjustment stories? I would really appreciate it...:spin:... Read More

  1. by   duling
    I'm about to finish school this August, and I can't wait to share to you guys what I went through...NEXT TIME!
  2. by   ielin
    hey! think of any caregiving agencies, facility, nursing homes, home care or hospitals here in usa that doesn't have filipino workers, nurses in particular, i don't think you can find one. that means we filipinos are in demand b/c of our best nursing care. that is already a success for us filipinos. "i'm proud to be pinoy"...............
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  3. by   ween-mi
    i need help. iknow this is not the right forum but i need help about sr carol agravante and her theory i need this info. pls consider...thanks
  4. by   duling
    Well soon I hope I'll be able to share my own sucess story in nursing field. I just graduated and about to take my board. One thing for sure it's a roller coaster ride...being able to juggle family, work and school is an achievement on it's own.
  5. by   saint_maldito
    filipino nurse- proud to be one..

    we know that there are successes and failures in life. hardships are company of our lives.
    as nurses in our country (students, rn's, caregivers, na)- these people are considered successful now.. they just need to have an inspiration to continue the success they have, why? because they have the oppurtunity to enter a school of nursing to study, to work in a hospital as nurses and get an experience (which they need to maximize every time they have or given to these resposibilities). these considerable success they have are very ominous.

    from a poor family.

    as i have this opportunity, i will share my own story which i considered as success for my own.

    i entered a school where first i was taking bs med. tech (i dreamt of becoming a doctor).. my living angels gave me the opportunity to go to college, and the asked me to shift and take up nursing...that time, i transferred to another school and enrroled to nursing. our subject then was the primary health care.. i found it boring with the lecture, but so much interesting with the laboratory. i did enjoy the subject, and from that time i learned to love nursing.... as a student, i strived to be a scholar for the nursing department but failed, it was about 1 point needed to get a full scholarship, i just had half that lasted for a one semester only..(i considered this as success again). when i graduated, i took the board and luckily passed. i had my license when i was 20 years old.. a have a very proud nanay(mother).. because of the simple life we have, and living angels who helped me to be on this profession.. they gave me the big opportunity, they spent too much, they also gave me the chance to take up cgfns(sept.2007) and ielts(dec.2007), they applied for me, i self-reviewed and luckily passed, with the inspirations i have, with the opportunities i grabbed, and with the faith in him- i consider myself to be successful..

    currently working as company nurse here in qatar even with low salary, i am believing that there are other oppourtunities to come, i am now earning for my nclex-rn exam because the living angels now are not able to give the opportunity to me, i have to work for my own now..

    thanks to the living angels who sponsored me, gave me these life iam having now. i believe this is the start of my success.

    keep on believing and praying not just dream..start your success with the a success, inspiration, hope, and love of profession..and end up being successful. we knew that filipino nurses have the love of what they are doing that is why we are in demand in the job market-the passion.

    just cross fingers and keep believing. this is my story- believing that stability will come on me and my family, where i can help them financially.(because many people believe that success is measured with what they have monetarily, helping others financially)with the nurses i know, some are very successful in terms of their position, of their salary they are receiving, of the big help they are giving financially to others but they are very arrogant and very greedy with money because of these, i consider them not successful.. "humility is virtue"

    i may not consider my self successful now,i do not have the riches, but i have the heart with my profession, with the people i am interacting with. i consider my self rich with the friends i have, with the love i give, with the faith i have in him..
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  6. by   studentcredit
    I've known a lot of Filipino nurses and honestly they're good compared to any races. I also heard that nursing in the Philippines is top course. I've know one Filipino nurse said that, nursing is not his first choice but due to money, practicality seems very important.
  7. by   tootsie37
    I am proud to be a Filipina. Everytime I saw Filipina in the hospital I always try to make them notice me but most of the time they ignore me. When I start talking in Tagalog they are surprise because they think I am a Mexican and they will always say that is why I did not talk to you in the first place. Anyways, I hope that more and more of us will be fortunate to have a better life. Mabuhay
  8. by   babygurl15
    way to go pinoy rn's!
  9. by   anakat_evangelista
    surely no race can be perfect because we as individuals have our own differences. what matters most is that we always remember where we came from. and we Filipinos, wherever we maybe, is always fond of doing just that. i am a proud filipino.
  10. by   siega
    hi!anyone can give me advice about my decision to work in doha,i was finish all my papers and im waiting for my plane ticket,i was working there as a clinic nurse.i dont know if \nurses are safe there?anyone can help or have an advuce about there experiences please share
  11. by   musea67
    Quote from siega
    hi!anyone can give me advice about my decision to work in doha,i was finish all my papers and im waiting for my plane ticket,i was working there as a clinic nurse.i dont know if \nurses are safe there?anyone can help or have an advuce about there experiences please share
    Doha is one of the nice place also. There are lots of expat including the Americans leaving there. I know you will enjoy working there. Good luck!
  12. by   mishka2106
    i have worked in the middle east for more than three years though i did not work in Doha,Qatar i was able to visit the country...and unlike Saudi, most of the people there are open minded and there are many expats(foreign workers) working there and i know for sure you will find many filipino communities as well...just remember that whatever kind of people are there in Doha you will also find them in the Philippines or in all parts of the world...there maybe differences with the language,culture and religious may find that there are some restrictions as well esp. if you are female but there are privileges as well like you don't have to queue on the line because you are female...good luck and hope you'll have a successful career in Doha
  13. by   mishka2106
    to post_maldito

    i admire your story very much...i also have the cgfns and ielts certificate and currently i am working here as a nurse in UK but find everything to be expensive..I also want to go to US and work there since my parents are there already since July but due to retrogression and economic problem there i don't think it will be a wise move at present...why don't you try considering applying for Alberta, Canada? They are hiring and they needed nurses there I was interviewed last October and they offered me a job and i am awaiting for the papers to be process, it's near US plus given the chance you will be able to bring your family is better i think than working in Doha...good luck!