Filipino RNs for UK (my story)

  1. Hello.

    I've read posts here since the day that I applied for my NMC account. I'm from the Philippines.

    Where should I start? Yes.
    I took the ielts twice. I failed in my first attempt. 6.5 writing. That was sept 2014. Got so sad and put my dream on hold. I decided to review again. On my second take, I was very reluctant to take the test as I was scared that i might fail again but the owner of the review center told me that I can take the exam.

    I took the exam 2015 march. Got the results on the 10th of april. I was so happy. But news came that that was the last regular ielts that they would credit as per UK visa immigration rules and it would be valid only until november of this year. So I went into panic mode.

    Mid april, an agency came to our place and they were like oh you are encouraged to go to cebu (which was about a 45 minute plane ride from davao). Without hesitation, I booked my ticket outright. (It was quite expensive as it was the summer season in the PH)

    When I got to cebu, the employers were really there and they were strict in the selection of applicants. Maybe I got too confident or for some reason that I do not know, I had a blackout during the interview and failed. Hahaha. I was quite depressed again.

    I went back home, empty handed. But I remembered that I also sumbitted in an agency in Manila. They kept on calling me. So without hesitation, I booked another flight. (I was having duties with the hospital at that time, so imagine all the arrangements and lies that I had to make with our supervisor)

    I was the last one to be interviewed on their last day. Talk about last minutes. I'm with drake/asc by the way. Everything was so going blurry because I was so hungry and I had little sleep because I had to catch an early flight to manila.

    Later that day, I got the result of the interview and then I passed. The agency called me and he was so joyous but I was like okay (flat affect) due to the extreme mixture of happiness, hunger and tiredness that I felt. When we got home to my aunt's house, I barely even changed clothes and I fell asleep on the floor.

    Everything flew fast. I was asked to do a medical examination, CBT and the most dreaded part, the decision letter.

    As far as I can remember, God was truly by my side because I never had major issues when it was regarding my papers and processing. I got a hold of my school documents quickly(even the registrar's office called me up at home to follow up details on my nmc documents)- thanks to my friend of course!

    I started counting.. July 13 was the date when the NMC got hold of all of my documents. I've waited and along the way, with the news of CoSs being withheld, I was quite discouraged and I applied for a plantilla position in our hospital. Thankfully I was not hired because I had no backer and I had no problems at all with my resignation.

    At around september 23, I remembered that I was already 60 ish days in the queue. I emailed the nmc regarding such matter but in a polite way saying that If I dont get my DL within this timeframe, what should I do?

    About an hour later, I opened my account and there it was, my DL. I immediately informed my agency. Everything went so fast. I was thinking that I would be leaving next year but to my surprise, they would deploy me on the 15th of october.

    So in other words, my perfect attendance streak in my workplace was broken as I needed to go to Manila and process papers for my Visa. I resigned with 3 days notice. Thank God we've got the best chief nurse in Davao.

    So right now, I am here in London, still adjusting to the weather and with the accent. We also took the osce last tuesday. The others are still waiting for their results and as for me, I'm just waiting for my pin. I passed!

    So much for my long story, I've just shared this so as to give good vibes to all the people out there. Goodluck and always persevere! Everything will happen in God's time. Have hope and always think positive!
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  3. by   Anne B.
    How was the osce? Was it hard?
  4. by   Anne B.
    Congratulations by the way!
  5. by   Enna0630
    Wow! Your story inspires me. I passed the ielts on one take but failed my first interview because maybe i am overconfident as well. Now i am preparing for my 2nd interview and hopefully i will do better. I am applying for London