Failed twice passed third attempt

  1. Hi everyone
    So today my life officially changed I passed the nclex!!! I cannot believe it, I'm on cloud nine. It was my third attempt. I was ready to pull the plug on nursing. The crazy thing is I have been an LPN since, 2009, and upgraded since 2014. What helped me pass was working in acute care and u world. Firstly time failed 75 questions, thought it was easy and that I passed. Second time 265. I cued after it was soooo hard. Third time 75 questions, easy.... So no advice there lol. I was all over the map.
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  3. by   Junebug14
    Congrats!!!! I took it 3 times as well except had 265 twice and 206 another!!! Makes a long day! Good luck with your new title!