Do you love your job as a Nurse? Trying to get away from all the negative people.. - page 4

If you could please share with me the positive things that you like about Nursing... I am constantly told that its not a great career and people don't like their jobs.. I am currently accepted for... Read More

  1. by   squatmunkie_RN
    I love the money. I don't think I get paid enough, but I love the money I do get.

    Is that okay?
  2. by   PinkNBlue
    Would not change it for the world. I work in OB (and have for 7 yrs before becoming a nurse on the same floor). I recommend you do what you love. Don't settle.... it's people who don't like their jobs that become mean and negative. It's the best job in the world.
  3. by   samadams8
    Exactly. Used to love it...or some aspects of it; but all the people in nursing that totally bully other nurses, as dear God there is way too many of them; they have completely ruined it for me. I've been an RN for 30 years. Going back even to the beginning; there are just t0o many passive-aggressive, dysfunctional people in the field. And as much as you are not supposed to say "Nurses eat their own," the absolute truth is, many times, they damn well do. That's the ugly reality. I don't know why we dance around it.