Cook to Nurse!!

  1. I came into nursing by a divine act of seredipity. Maybe not divine, but you know the feeling when things happen for a reason? I was just about to take another crappy job at Applebys as a cook, then saw a small classified ad for a local nursing home. They were looking for cooks, so I stopped in, and got the job on the spot. What the heck, right? The pay and hours were good, decent benefits, etc. Then I started talking to the residents, and found I enjoyed helping them out. Nurses noticed this and encouraged me to become a CNA, which I did. Then I enrolled in LPN school after a year, which I graduated top-of-class. Now I'm a LPN at a place that literally fell into my lap. Weird, huh? Imagine if I hadn't answered that tiny, little ad??? I thank the higher powers every day. I totally love it, and wouldn't think of doing anything else. Now I'm working on going to anesthesia or medical school. Wow. This is a great forum, I rarely see such comraderie and support for others on internet sites. I guess that's why were nurses.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Thanks for the day-brightener! Your residents are very blessed to have you for their nurse!
  4. by   Tweety
    What a great and uplifting story.

    Reminds me that I went from a Pizza Hut cook to a nurse.