1. I passed my CEN today. I put off taking it for 5 years. I should have done it way sooner. Go do ya'll
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  3. by   Ahhphoey

    I know that is a relief. I just got my PCCN certification a couple months ago after putting certification off for years. I initially wanted to get my CCRN, but when I decreased my hours in the ICU when I started a new job, I gave that idea up. Ah well, we're certified now!
  4. by   Robublind
    Congrats, what did you use to study for it?
  5. by   ninjago
    Congratulations! Did you attend any CEN review courses? what materials did you use to prepare for it? I am planning to take it next year.
  6. by   Sanuk
    Congratulations Gonzo!

    I agree that it was a lot easier than I had thought it would be. I took a lot of practice tests and did ok, but the actual test was much easier than the practice. For those looking for a review, I used Pass CEN which was pretty good and another one I think by Mosby. Also, there are some practice questions online monthly through ENA. Don't forget that if you join ENA the test is cheaper - you can get membership and the test for about what the test alone would cost, plus you get a year of JofEN.
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  8. by   gonzo1
    I bought a CEN study book. Went to the review 2 day class, and did the online ENA test (150 questions for 75.00). Did all the practice questions in the book. It was a great way to brush up on my general nursing knowledge, get some CE credits and generally review ER stuff.
    I did think the test was hard. But I made it.
    I shouldn't have waited so long to take it.
    Just go do it. Yeah
  9. by   emtb2rn
    Congrats. Welcome to the club inside the club.
  10. by   code3rnval
    Congratulations, That's my dream......
  11. by   emmanewgrad
    Congrats!!!! What CEN book did you buy to study?