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I would be happy to hear from anyone here that started their career late in life, perhaps Nursing is a second career. For a number of reasons, I am seriously considering changing careers, and for a... Read More

  1. by   Catherine.
    I am 45 and hoping to finish m pre-reqs in time to apply for the 11-12 fast track program - I am happy to see this post!
  2. by   mamilucy
    hi! i'm glad to find this site for nurses...i am 44 and graduate of nursing oct 2009...BSN is my second course...I believe it is not too late to learn more especially when it comes to caring for people who are in their ill condition...Hopefully this will become my career in the future...
  3. by   pattywatt
    I am 49, and my sister will be 58 this month and she grduated four years ago. I will be starting in October of this year, I am in the process of getting my finalcial aid and other things together so I will be ready for the Fall Semester. My sister is a LPN, she passed on the first try and I am very proud of her. Our circumstances were different, she was a stay at home mom raising her five kids and I was taking care of my handicapped daughter so we both tried to work some but we could never stay long because the kids got sick or it just wasn't for us to work. So now here is my chance to do something and I am taking it, I know it will take dedication and determination but I am willing to do what it takes.
  4. by   pookiesmom
    I am 44 yrs old and can totally relate to the original post. I too led a party life for way too long. now I'm trying to get back into nursing, have a career; and it's tough, but i'm trying to stick it out. I have many days of making mistakes, but I feel genuine compassion for people now, which I only had for liquor before. I'm sober now almost 8 years!
    I have problems getting organized at times, and seem to be running to catch up a lot. is this normal? just a curious thought.
    today i had a very frustrating time; I had a patient with a Picc line that had one dose per time Vanco, that after was done, was flushed with saline. However, I was rushing and screwed the 'blue connector' back onto the Picc line cap. Why? I'll never know.
    Then I get major heck b/c I'm told the patient could have gotten an emboli. Is this true?????????

    I need some encouragment.

  5. by   NickiLPN
    I was 40 when I graduated last August. Looks like I'm not alone!
  6. by   msaerofan
    I'm glad to have found this post too! I just started this past spring semester, and I've got LOTS of pre-reqs.... I'm 37, will be 38 in June. My "plan" is to get my ADN, then BSN, work a couple yrs, then *hopefully* go to Nurse Anesthetist school. Am I outta my mind??? I would really appreciate any feedback. If it'd be better for me to just do a straight bachelors without stopping at ADN, let me know, too. I live in Missouri, and it seems like this is the lowest-paying state for nurses of all kinds, so that's frustrating! I've also thought about traveling, but have been told I can't out of Missouri? I don't know why. =(

    Anyway, I'd appreciate any and all feedback! For those of you who aren't spring chickens, (like me!), congratulations and good luck!!! =)
  7. by   kmdguy
    I saw a program on TV recently where a guy was a lawyer for 20 years, and at around age 50 got sick of it. He quit and started Med school fresh. He was now in his 60s and heading up a Level 1 trauma unit as a surgeon. It took him a while, as you can expect, but he loves what he does. Age is just a number and shouldn't be used as a delineation line between you "can" and you "can't". Just do. (hmm, sounds almost Yoda-esque).
  8. by   abcrazy

    I just turned 40 and am about to take the next step in continuing a life long dream that I have always wanted to become a nurse...I have taken the steps thru the years from CNA to MA and now to LPN...I am very nervous but wanted to see how your have been doing with it late in life also...thanks
  9. by   fullofenergy
    Hi everyone! I am glad to find this site also. I am starting the RN program at 48. I have done many different types of jobs in the chemistry field up until now. I have been a part-time community college instructor for the past decade. It took me a long time to come around to changing my career.

    My dilemna now is that I would like to continue on in nursing to the BSN then the NP. I believe this might take a long time now if I go step-by-step. My reason for getting the RN first is that I don't want to get into debt at this time in my life. I also think it takes awhile to learn a new field especially when you are older. I was in accelerated program to the BSN and left for the more traditional program. In the long run, this should work for me. I also believe that getting that first job is tough right now since new grads don't have experience. I hope the economy improves as I graduate in 2012. Any suggestions about pursuing the advanced degrees? What about the possible new standards for the DNP to practice as an Nurse Practioner in 2015?
  10. by   pattywatt
    Quote from toddster
    I would be happy to hear from anyone here that started their career late in life, perhaps Nursing is a second career. For a number of reasons, I am seriously considering changing careers, and for a number of reasons am looking at a career as a Nurse as a possibility. I am a 44/yo Male with a BA and a Masters degree, though not in life sciences, BA in business and Masters in Information Systems. I would be most appreciative to anyone with similar circomstances to share their experiences. I will be reposting this every few days so If I offend, I extend my humble appology in advance.


    I am 49 amd I will be starting the Nursing Program in the Fall of this year!! I have a daughter with dissabilities and was a stay at mom taking care of her she is now 31 years old and is in a facility where she making so much progress, but that was a decision that I had to make for her well being, and she is doing fine. So now I am going back to school and I am glad that I found this site!! I thank God for hearing my prayers and will do my very best to live a good life!
  11. by   exploringnursing
    i'm also glad to know that i'm not alone. i have always wanted to be a nurse. i am 32. i am taking my pre-reqs now. i plan to start an ABSN program in Spring 2011. i am so excited! best wishes to everyone in their new careers!!!
  12. by   bednar275
    Well, I'm feeling encouraged reading all your posts, I will be 38 next week, and just signed up for CNA classes, I know its the bottom rung of the ladder, but I am planning on getting my MA and phlebotomy certifications too. I have hemmed and hawed for about 6 months, but I am going for it, good luck, all.
  13. by   opensails
    I just finished an accelerated BSN program and the age range was fantastic. Its nice to see so many people starting nursing from all walks of life.