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I would be happy to hear from anyone here that started their career late in life, perhaps Nursing is a second career. For a number of reasons, I am seriously considering changing careers, and for a... Read More

  1. by   kgkarma
    Quote from MarieD
    Thanks for the postive energy! - and good luck to you - we too have the same free tuition benefit in Massachusetts after the the age of 60.
    I'm in N.C. and at my school you have to be 65 for free tuition benefits. :angryfire
  2. by   WDWpixieRN
    I have only been in the IT field for 5+ years and already (at age 50 as of a week ago) I KNOW this ain't for me....sitting in a cube, looking at a PC, creating documentation nobody cares about after a week -- pffffft...someone else can have it....and I just completed the BS that got me that job in '99.

    My older daughter said to me one day, "Mom, you're frustrated because you need to be doing something where you're making a difference"....ah ha!! The wisdom of youth!!

    You should see some of the looks and hear the comments...."and what if that's not what you want to be when you grow up?"....oh, bite me!! I stayed home with kids for many years, so haven't had the luxury of 'finding myself' the past 20+ years....and I figure by staying in school and continually learning, I'll help stave off Alzheimer's!!

    I can't wait to get in to a program and I LOVE this thread as it's highlighting the opposite end of the "I hate nursing..." threads I found so depressing! I have completed all the prereqs and classes I could outside of the nursing core. I hope to start by the Fall of '06.

    Good luck all you oldsters!!
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    Doi, don't give's nice someone tells you to do something else, but at least here in Missouri, College Algebra is a minimum for ANY 2-year degree on up....well, maybe almost any degree -- I guess I haven't checked them all out.
    If your heart's in WILL do it!! Best wishes and hang in there!
  4. by   d "EYE"
    It's the year of the Red Dog...

    This year I will be 26...too bad because I am interested to enrol for university declined my application and informed that I am already over age...i felt discourage...

    i am a bachelor in business graduate...i've quit my job to pursue a career in nursing...

    is there an age limit to study the course? am i too late to become a nursing student?

    is age an issue when a person decides for a career change and pursue his/her true calling?
  5. by   MimismomRN
    i am 48 and jsut graduated from LVN School and finishing my prereqs for RN program. you still have so much time. if i could do it so can you. i have a 21 year old daughter who is in her second semester of RN school.
  6. by   MimismomRN
    you go girl, i'm 48, just graduated LVN school, studing for boards and going on to get my RN in next few years. we're not too old, just have less time to waste and need to get to what we want to do. i was a paralegal for 25 years, hated it and always wanted to be a nurse, so i'm finally doing it. have a 21 year old daughter in RN school right now also. Good luck.
  7. by   MarieD
    Looks like I have you beat - I'm 60 and will be starting an RN program in the fall of 2006 - I wish you good luck and success!

    Quote from caosper
    hi all --
    my first "reply" -- scanning a lot of the replies -- looks like i am the oldest by far -- i will be 57 this month -- i start nursing school in january. can't beat that with a stick!
  8. by   fancythatRN
    I turned 40 two months after I graduated from nursing school. It is indeed a second career for me as well. As realistic as it is for you to begin a new career, I will offer you some truth - it is not easy. Just getting through school was the single toughest challenge I've faced in life thusfar - no joke. Although I am working now, every day is still challenging because it is a continuous learning process that just doesn't come overnight. The knowledge comes with experience. I feel much better now about my performance than I did in the beginning, but I think I may be 50 before I can even begin consider myself a good nurse. You can do anything you want to do, if you want to do it bad enough. Good luck to you!!
  9. by   rward12
    25 years as a medical transcriptionist, turning 44 years old this month, taking my pre-reqs and working toward my RN....and loving every minute of it!
  10. by   thyme39
    I have only been in the IT field for 5+ years and already (at age 50 a s of a week ago) I KNOW this ain't for me....sitting in a cube, looking at a PC, creating documentation nobody cares about after a week -- pffffft...someone else can have it

    You should see some of the looks and hear the comments...."and what if that's not what you want to be when you grow up?"....oh, bite me!! I stayed home with kids for many years, so haven't had the luxury of 'finding myself' the past 20+ years.

    I can't wait to get in to a program and I LOVE this thread as it's highlighting the opposite end of the "I hate nursing..." threads I found so depressing!

    you are too much! I have been in IT for over 20 years and have felt for a long time that all I was doing was making some corporation richer. I really liked IT when I got in but it is not the same animal it once was. You really have to WANT to be in IT nowadays. Lots of stress, working overtime (for which you do not get paid), everything was needed yesterday, less benefits, less and less job security, etc.

    It has taken me a long time to decide on nursing as a 2nd career but I believe everything happens in its own time. I am 49 and plan on starting nursing school spring of 07. I never thought of nursing as a career when I was in college the first time around. And my gpa was only average-too young, too interested in partying, to much floundering I guess. But after having been in numerous positions over the years and experiencing life as it really is I believe we "youth challenged" folks bring a breadth and depth of experience to nursing that you just won't find with those a few years out of high school.

    Unlike a lot of the posts, I did not find returning to college hard at all. It was wonderful. Even the studying! I just LOVE it. Perhaps I will feel differently when I get into nursing school but I don't think so. I work full time and take 2 classes a semester for my prereqs. I figure I spend 75 hrs/wk between work, school and studying. I think it has a lot to do with REALLY wanting to do this. I once was in retailing and had a manager who said she loved what she did and coming to work was like playing all day. To me it was work, to her- playing. I think that's the difference.

    I have read every one of these threads and have to agree with you wholeheartedly that there are a lot of "I hate nursing" threads and even though I know they are just venting, I had to stop reading them because it was really depressing. I'm glad to see positive threads like this one and I do wish they would have a forum for older 2nd career students.

    My classes have both young and old students in them. Some first time degrees and some 2nd and 3rd degrees. And parent/child pairs are not uncommon either. I like the mix as it seems we learn more because of the variety. I think it makes the classes interesting and haven't noticed any age discrimination. Come to think of it, the same thing happened in the IT boom days. We had a lot of "other career" people going into IT. Back then they said that was what made them so good at it - the fact that everyone had different experiences and could share what they had learned.

    Kudos to anyone who is changing careers and also their families that support them, because they are supporting you and giving you encouragement and are involved with your decisions too.

    This is a great thread. I'd love to hear more.
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  11. by   WDWpixieRN
    thyme39: I couldn't have said it better. I hear so many people who have been in the field say it's not the same as it was. I know the people in my company say that it used be a fun place to work; IT was fun. But people are either moving from company to company or changing careers. And the people moving from company to company aren't much happier. Yes, we are tired of MANDATORY overtime at our salaried rates (and I'm at the bottom of the totem pole -- came in near the hiring bust); we are tired of being indentured to our business users whose butts we can not kiss nearly enough; and at the end of the day, all I am is wasted from -- what?!?! Certainly not the physical...certainly not the life and death of it....and FOR SURE not because I have made any kind of difference. Yes, I am too old for this -- or too mature?!?! And good heavens, could I sit in any more BORING meetings with people who blabber and blabber and then don't do the follow-through and act like someone else is the problem when they don't do THEIR part!?!? And then of course, there's the total subjectiveness of it all....hmmmm, this guy's my buddy, I'll give him the raise and extra bonus....this gal's a better brown-noser, here, you get the bone today....and hey, we're allowed flex-time schedules, IF you happen to get a manager who ALLOWS flex-time on HIS team, or who "can keep track of" a schedule for 3 of the 13 people on his team who want to flex. I spent 3 years on a team with a guy who let the SAME 3 people flex for that whole time while 2 got it taken away when they came on the team and the other 3 of us who had been asking were told we "didn't need it".

    You know what? Then I'll make my OWN flex schedule and find a career where NO ONE can take their power trip out on me. Where I can work nights, weekends, holidays (yeah, I can do that, too) and get PAID overtime AND can choose to work 4-10s or 3-12s, or heck, even M - F 8-5 if I choose to. Something that while it might be difficult and sometimes not rewarding, will have its days where I will feel like to someone -- I made a difference. And might actually have opportunities to do it again!!

    I think every career has its ups and downs and if it's not working for you, then people need to be doing what we all on this thread are -- look for something else. Try it; it doesn't work out -- move on. All the experience adds up and makes us better people with more to offer.

    And I, too, enjoy school. I have been in an HONORS Oral Communication class with two (not related) 70 year olds who just took classes "because". I have also been in classes with 17 year olds who were making mom and dad happy.

    And I have discovered that, contrary to my last high school report card, I am NOT a "C" average student....I got SMARTER after thirty years had passed!! Wow...

    I think we need an older students forum, too....cast my vote for that!! I, too, look forward to more postings here. It has been SUCH an inspiration!!

    Oh, I could go on and on, but I don't think I could say it any better than thyme did...
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    Quote from peaceful
    Graduated from nursing school (BSN) at age 47. Fair warning, nursing school was hell. 3 years of pure studying, clinicals and exhaustion. Would i do again, yes. My options and choices now in my nursing career are limitless. I feel more empowered in my career compared to before nursing. More choices and more options than other careers. There are many paths in nursing. The downside also is hospital staff nursing is more exhausting and stressful than i anticipated. Good luck in your career decisons. Sounds like you have some exciting choices ahead of you. Do not let age hold you back one bit.
    Nursing school is hell. I did it over 20 years ago after I got my BA. It is kinda like boot camp. I wouldn't do it again, however it has worked for me. I don't work direct patient care either.
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  13. by   Forever10
    I am 52, have raised/nursed 10 children for about the past 30 or so yrs, (practically on my own) am starting my prereqs and required courses Jan. 18 for the RN program at a local Community College Spring of 07. I figure w/ 2 left in the nest; soon they will be out on their own as well...I've lived most of my adult life in complete and total stress, so I figure I may do quite well as a nurse. My husband wanted a large family, I loved children sooo... He then walked away about 9 yrs. ago. I decided I didn't want to spend my later yrs. sitting home alone in front of the tv. (and that's exactly what I'd probably do!) I am a bit anxious, but know that I work well under stress and through emergencies. Getting back into the STUDY mode after many yrs. is a bit taxing, but deep in my heart there is this little voice saying, "You can do it! You can do anything. Don't give up, for the rewards will be worth it all."