Anyone failed nursing school and went back and was successful?

  1. I've been out of nursing school for almost a year now. I was dismissed for failing two of my classes by less than one point in second semester. Since I have been out, I've been studying everything. I feel like I have learned more since I've been out of school. Probably because I'm taking my time with it. Anyway, I have went back to work full time. I'm really wanting to go back and try nursing school again. I don't want to wait-I want to go back asap. I'm just afraid that I won't ever get the opportunity to do it again. Has anyone here ever been dismissed from the program and went back and was successful? I really think I can make it through the next time.
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  3. by   NewTexasRN
    I didn't happen to me, but I had many friends from my program who failed by a point or less and came back. Some graduated with my class and they are successful nurses. You can do it. Believe in yourself. For a while, it will make you worry, but if you have the will and determination God will see you all the way. Good Luck!
  4. by   lauren1120
    I did. I was dismissed due to not passing by less than a point and went back and now am successful.

    Best of luck to you! It can be done! Believe in yourself.
  5. by   thmpr
    All I can give you is my opinion -so here it is.
    Don't EVER give up on your dream.
    You have to create the opportunity & not take no for an answer. You know the routine. It's not easy getting into nursing school. However, you have an advantage: there is a reason you were chosen for the program to begin with.
    My guess it that you already know the answers...
  6. by   Orange Tree
    Yes! I've seen it done. But in my program, at least, not everyone who was dismissed qualified to apply for readmission.
  7. by   caliotter3
    Just depends sometimes on whether you are allowed back in. If you can't get back in and can't get into another program, you are stuck until you do find an alternative program. Good luck.
  8. by   missangela

    I was thrown into a one year LVN program straight out of high school completely unprepared. I literally dropped out the first quarter because I couldn't keep my grades up.

    After that, I took my time to grow and went to community college to get all my pre-req's and worked. I got into an RN program and graduated Cum Laude. Trust me, there's hope for all.
  9. by   Melissa216
    Yep its very possible and highly probable to succeed the 2nd time. Im like so many other posters. I wasnt prepared the first time around and made it through 3 quarters when I failed by .03 of a point. I waited a few yrs working on LTC and finally went back. I graduated in June *yay*

    Go back and reapply if thats what you really want to do.
  10. by   misha8210
    It is possible. It happened to me I failed two classes and I was dismissed from the nursing program. That school does not allow readmission. Their rule is if you fail two classes, you are out of the program. Within a year, I applied to another nursing school and I got accepted, this time I graduated from the program with honors and have RN behind my name. So it is possible, if you want to become a nurse never give up. See if your school allows readmission, if not apply to different programs. If one door closes on you, another one will open. Good luck to you.
  11. by   mjohnson8436RN
    You can do it. If the program you was in does not allow readmission apply to another program. Just make sure to keep your GPA up. Good Luck!
  12. by   orthorn2009
    Sometimes the best nurses are the ones who have to repeat, is what my mentor told me. When u repeat it allows more to sink in that may not have the first time. I failed my very last med-surg class by 3 questions on a 200 question final. I was required to audit all previous classes before retaking that one. It was so hard to retake all those tests and listen to all those lectures again but I did and it was well worth it. I graduated, passed boards on my first try without any problems and I now enjoy the career I had always dreamed of. Nursing has to be in your heart and if it is then dont waste any more time. Go back, graduate, pass boards and start your career. Good luck
  13. by   Short-Stuff 23
    YES! In my program we have to have an 80% to move on to the next quarter. I recieved a 79.8%!!! I failed out and of course layed in bed for a few days and cried but got back up. I worked for a year and went back the next year. I am going to graduate this June I do believe everything happens for a reason and I have total faith in you that you can go back and finish! I think alot of it has to do with attitude also. Have a positive attitude going back!
  14. by   OutlawNurse86
    I failed RN school twice before I finally got my LVN and now I'm back in RN school (I was young, dumb, and preferred my 4-wheeler to my books).

    We just had a helluva Med-Surg test today, so...I might be staying a LVN for a while depending on my grade lol. Our program requires you to have a 75 or better to pass, although they do round up so really it's a 74.5