After 14 grueling years full of blood, sweat, and lots of tears... I'm a success!!!

  1. Hello folks,

    So, as of June of this year, I have been an RN for fourteen years.
    Fourteen tumultuous years.

    I started out in Med Surge, working on the same unit that I worked
    as an aide for 4 year prior. Did that for 3 years. To say that those
    were 3 tough years, would be an understatement. I don't think I
    ever really got my "footing", you know?

    After that, I worked for one year at a state psychiatric facility.
    Actually LOVED that job most nights, and got praise for my nursing
    skills, but had to leave the job because it was just too far from
    my home.

    Went back to Med Surge at another facility. Worked that unit
    for a year and a half. Most nights weren't HORRIBLE, and I
    had some small successes... but it just wasn't where I wanted to
    be. Wanted to go back to psych nursing.

    Then came the child psych job. Did that for a year and a
    half. Horrible. Failure.

    And to make long story short; for six years after that I had
    various jobs with varying degrees of success, many highs and
    lows. Long roller coaster ride.

    In July of 2016, I finally found what I truly hope is my
    "forever home" in nursing. I landed a job at a very small
    critical access hospital. I have had NOTHING but success
    here for the past year, and today I was awarded Employee
    Of The Month, for the whole hospital!!!

    I have never won ANYTHING like that, and I'm so happy
    and proud!!! Finally I feel like a real nurse who truly
    makes a difference. I didn't win the award because I'm
    popular, I won the award because of what my patients
    say about me.

    finally I can say, I love being a nurse!
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  3. by   preemiepoweredRN
    Congratulations for finding your "forever home" in nursing! It's really a great feeling when you find the work that you just "mesh well" with Wishing you continued success with your work!
  4. by   TAKOO01
    This is a great storyand so inspiring for those of us still searching for a niche. Thank you