A Story of an NCLEX-RN passer.

  1. I just found out last tuesday that i passed the NCLEX-RN! I actually can't believe it until now, I am 21 years old and proud to be a Registered Nurse. The most memorable, exciting, happiest moment I have ever felt in my entire life. After all the hardworks, stress, and even tears got instantly paid off when i saw my name popped out in the BRN site. This is the most wonderful gift that i could ever give to my parents. They were very proud of me. Priceless

    Back in college, i was just a typical student who attends classes and just satisfied with a passing grade. I am not an A student. In fact, I hate reading. And the biggest question after my school life - how would i pass my NCLEX? Now that's the challenge. by the way, i finished my BSN in the Philippines.

    At first, I googled what is the best book for nclex review. They say Saunders Comprehensive Review Book is the best book for nclex, so I got one. I read the whole book and took me 2 and a half months to finish it. It's a tedious process but i said I have to do it for my future. I got tons of information. But i felt like I still need help in some things. so i decided to enroll in a review program that my brother, who is also an RN, recommended. America Healthways education in Artesia CA. about 45 mins. away from where I live.

    The review center has done a big thing for me. Introduced me to some other diseases that i am not familiar with that I've never heard nor seen in my book. their materials have helped me a lot like no other. I love their NCLEX bullet. very brief and informative! If you are having troubles in the disease processes, during the lecture, you can directly ask the instructor and will respond to your question accurately or would do a research if the question is unfamiliar. One of the things i love about AHEC is that they even have the actual things that are commonly used in the hospital setting.

    My review experience in AHEC is very satisfying. I gained knowledge, good friends whom i shared my experiences with, and the biggest thing, my RN license. AHEC is definitely NOT about making money out from their students like any other review centers i know. they'll make you feel more ready for the test and build up your confidence as well as your faith in fulfilling your dream. By the way, I attended the class for 7 days, I started last july 5-12 2011. took my exam on the 29th and boom, i passed.

    There is no secret in passing the NCLEX, your only key in passing is not just about attending a review program, or reading the best book ever but being responsible enough to do your part as a student. read as often as you can, make a goal, and PRAY. trust in the lord and never question. just BELIEVE and be POSITIVE. everything will turn out right if you do your best.

    I thank GOD, my family, friends, my saunders book and of course America Healthways Education.

    To all who are taking the NCLEX soon, I wish you luck and may the lord guide you. Just remember to pray and have faith. God works in mysterious ways. God bless!

    -J.Dayao, RN-BSN
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  3. by   sarabear44
    Congratulations! I am taking it in 1 month!
  4. by   Medic/Nurse
    Congrats and I am delighted that the dream of being a RN in the USA has worked out for you so far.
    May you have all the success you deserve.

    You are in gratitude mode - thanking God and this private business - and I understand that - passing is a great feeling. Your experience was ultimately positive. And although you may have had a great outcome - I have some concerns. You note that you were a marginal student and now - through PRAYER and this business you have passed the NCLEX. Wow - marginal students usually do not do that well - regardless of the review class. Scratch that - marginal students do not usually make it out of most of the RN programs I am familiar with - actually, in the US - they rarely even make it into the nursing program.

    You note that it took you 2 1/2 months to get through Saunders and after 7 days in this class - you were rocking and ready. I think you had an experience outside of what others could realistically expect. I don't mean to be "mean" and I am generally not - this is aimed more at others seeking your "path" - just be cautious. Results may vary. I think the OP results would likely be unusual given all that was shared here.

    Please - OP - be aware that the NCLEX is just the beginning - and there will be mountains of knowledge to be climbed if you are going to be a successful RN in the US. I hope that you have learned better study habits and have gained the discipline that you admitted you lacked as a nursing student. This really is a life and death business.

    TOS do not allow advertising in a strict sense and although you are giving your "story" - I am uncomfortable after looking at their website - which you provided a direct link to. You just "joined" us - and all 3 of your posts are "related".

    This business seems to be set up for minorities/immigrants that are seeking to take (and presumably be successful) the NCLEX. It is slanted that way and I am always concerned when "vulnerable" folks are targeted in any way --- even this way - maybe especially this way!!! Given a level of near "desperation" I have personally witnessed among those that seek to enter this country with the sole purpose of being a nurse in the US - and passing the NCLEX and landing that "dream job" - these folks are exploited in some circles. I am concerned that this may be one of those "circles".

    These folks that you note as "AHEC is definitely NOT about making money out from their students like any other review centers" - Right. The fail to clearly list anything on their website about what it actually costs to take this altruistic review course. Alarm bells always ring when ESSENTIAL information seems available only via (possibly even pressure laden) direct interaction with a member of the businesses staff. Ding - ding - ding! Also, they do not list any success rates - sure, there are a few "stories" - but, even a blind hog will get a truffle every now and then.

    Although I am always glad to see one reach their "goals" and do well - I am uncomfortable with any post that clearly just serves for recommending this business to others (and there are many) that are desperate for the success that you have had.

    I urge anyone seeking to enter the US to look at any class/business with a very critical eye. Ask hard questions. Research and consider all options and be careful about the costs involved - flying to the US - fee for a course - housing and transport costs - all of this is real money and although no one should give you a guarantee of success (be very wary if they try!) - the FIRST step is taking a real hard look at your readiness to sit for an exam (and real prospects after). I understand that educational preparation of nurses in the US is very different than many foreign nursing program locations and you may need other prep that would be beyond the scope of a 7 day review.

    * When did you start teaching this course?
    * How many have taken this course?
    * How many actually pass the NCLEX on their first try out of this course?
    * Do you allow a student to repeat the course? What are the charges?
    * What makes this course better than others? (They should be able to answer though it may shock them that you asked)

    I urge skeptical consideration when anyone steps out of their comfort zone - and this seems warranted here by prospective students. ASK QUESTIONS - BE DILIGENT

    I am off the soapbox and will not beat this dead horse - as much as I am delighted for the OP - I am equally concerned that this story of success could "mislead" another that desperately seeks what was reportedly attained by the OP.

    Word of the day - CAUTION.

    Practice SAFE!
  5. by   RnBsn19
    thanks for your comment colleague. although i did bad in class oh well not actually bad i must say neutral, it doesn't mean that i am not safe to entrust someone's life with. Nursing knowledge would vary in 2 different ways. written and the actual. being bad in class doesn't necessarily mean that you're bad in every way. My bad if I didn't mention that at first I didn't like the career i am taking. but during the 3rd year of my schooling which is more focused on patient care, I changed my habits. until I graduated.

    And, I am not encouraging everybody to join the review program that i have mentioned earlier. I am just sharing what i have experienced and what benefits i got from it. simple as that. if you got it all wrong i'm so sorry.

    I passed NCLEX not just because i prayed. but also because of hardwork. and If I am not safe to perform patient care, then why in the first place would I pass and be licensed? I am not against you or anybody else here. I'm just sharing my experience and opinion. I am not promoting any business here. It's just that their materials helped me remember things easily. I even mentioned saunders right. oh well, it is up to you.. but thank you for your comment.
  6. by   RnBsn19
    thanks sarabear44! i hope you do well on your NCLEX too. good luck to you!
  7. by   darrarizer
    I have heard over and over again from teachers who have worked with former students: "some of the best students are some of the worst nurses (and vice versa)".
  8. by   NurseLoveJoy88

    Very inspiring.
  9. by   katkonk
    "I passed NCLEX not just because i prayed. but also because of hardwork. and If I am not safe to perform patient care, then why in the first place would I pass and be licensed? "

    Just following up on NREMT's comment thread. Not to be "Debbie Downer" here, but passing the NCLEX does not mean you are safe to perform care. Over and over again it is stressed that the NCLEX is a test of MINIMAL COMPETENCE. That is, that you have been tested on the minimum amount necessary to obtain a license to provide nursing care. As to what you can do clinically, that is learned along the way, building on what you already know. Personally, I used review books during school, and thanks to my rigorous BSN program, I found the NCLEX to be incredibly basic and simple. I was very anxious, as everyone was, and stressed while studying, but did not sign up for any review course and passed it very nicely. In fact, I felt almost cheated that it didn't test me on more, after all the academic territory I had covered and the hundreds of hours of studying during the program. I am happy for you, and wish you well in your career, but you will become acutely aware at the start of clinical practice, that this is only the beginning. However the very best nurses have a love of new information and a love of reading about the science of it all. The key to good nursing is understanding the pathophysiology of it all, as well as being organized and meticulous in giving meds, etc. Skills are great, but you have to be able to recognize clinical clues. With more hard work and lots of READING, you will continue to learn every single day.
  10. by   RnBsn19
    thanks for your comment and yes, that's what i did. I first studied the pathophysiology of diseases before I start to read about the appropriate nursing intervention and all. Of course as a BSN i should know how clinical areas would go and what to do in situations. yes, I'm in still in the entry level of being a professional and there's still a lot that i should learn. that is why it is a gradual process. and learning is continuous especially to us care providers. It is never too late for anyone to learn new things.

    anyways, thank you and good luck to your career too.
  11. by   patzs
    Congratulations J. Dayao.
    To all future takers of NCLEX, familiarize Anatomy and Physiology and Pathophysiology.
    And, positivism.
  12. by   RnBsn19
    Quote from patzs
    Congratulations J. Dayao.
    To all future takers of NCLEX, familiarize Anatomy and Physiology and Pathophysiology.
    And, positivism.

    YES! that is right. and that's the key.
  13. by   Merlyn
    And now your education really begins. Don't kid yourself. Degrees don't make the nurse. They are only pieces of paper. What counts is the person behind the degree. There will be a lot of education ahead of you, much stress, many tears and heart brake. But I don't think its anything that you can't handle. Now go out there and fight, fight, fight! Welcome to the wacky world of Nursing.
  14. by   sotoe48
    This was one of the many posts about NCLEX I read prior to taking my exam 2 days ago 02/29/12. I thank all the people who mentioned thanking GOD in their posts because I firmly believe that I simply passed through the mercy of god. Prior to graduating I began briefly praying to god each day to allow me to pass whenever I took my NCLEX exam then from the day I graduated to the day I took NCLEX I prayed daily. I did not at all feel prepared to take NCLEX on my exam day and the computer shut off after 89 questions. I left thinking for sure I had failed because there were many questions I was unsure about while taking the exam and I remember just saying the words "jesus I trust in you" when I ran accross those questions. This morning I found out I passed. I spent the whole day yesterday thinking I had failed because I felt so relaxed about it while I was taking it and I remember thinking during the exam why am I so relaxed o my god help me to pass please and he did. The study tool I used to prepare for this was ATI it expecially helped me brush up on mental health, leadership and labor and delivery. I ran out of time to study pediatrics and I did not have enough time to spend on medical surgical or pharmacology when my exam date came up. Therefore, I honestly did not feel I had prepared as much as I needed to for this, but as someone else posted: "Trust in the lord, do your part, study as hard as you can to learn the material and let the lord do the rest". God works in mysterious ways and he prooved it for me. Best of luck to everyone. I know how stressful this is. I also did not do a bunch of questions as many other people talk about doing 100 a day or 2000 questions prior to taking NCLEX, I simply studied to learn the material so that it could help me answer the questions. Just remember to analyze the questions and be sure of what they are asking so that you can answer the question appropriately. I am so proud to finally be able to say I am an RN