"i am happy.. i will be happy..happiness is here."

  1. i was gonna reply this to a previous post but then i realized, a new thread would be wonderful.

    five days ago, i was this lonely, frustrated and full of self pity person who feels that the world around me keeps on moving while i stand still... stagnant.... useless. Nothing came easy...every single step i took, i had to strive sooo hard to meet the requirements and wait painstakingly for the results. i was discouraged and rejected many times. it was awful. it was frustrating.

    then one night, i listened to joel osteen, a brilliant pastor, and he said that every morning, we should condition our minds that we are happy.. that we will be happy.. and that happiness is here.

    the next day, i woke up and told myself, " i will get myself a job interview today." I said it the very moment i opened my eyes while i was lying in bed. "i will get myself a job interview today." so i went in front of my laptop, went from one website to another, called one facility to another and finally got 2 facilities that is willing to accept graduate nurses. i felt so relieved. for weeks, somebody finally told me they would consider me. and that was the start. i went to that facility and poof! i got hired. just like that.. i got hired. no hullabaloo...no nonsense... i got hired!

    it was exhilirating.... it was magnificent... it was one of God's miracles in my life... some might consider it coincidence, but for me, that was God's miracle. :heartbeat

    so to all of those who feels down and miserable, we should all be hopeful....as joel osteen said, we shouldnt magnify our problem. instead, magnify our God.. "i am happy.. i will be happy.. happiness is here."
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  3. by   Be_Moore
    "There is no need for faith in a god as you are perfectly capable of having faith in yourself. " But congratulations, none-the-less.

    Your motivational mantra to yourself reminded me of Annette Benning in American Beauty. "I will sell this house."
  4. by   June55Baby
    [QUOTE=Be_Moore;3632527]"There is no need for faith in a god as you are perfectly capable of having faith in yourself. "

    Oh, no Be_Moore... Without God, nothing is possible!

    Paslm 18:2-3 "The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I trust. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised."
  5. by   EcyRN
    to be_moore:

    we all have different ways of coping up with things... when faith to oneself falters, we hold on to a stronger faith.

    thanks for your reply and reading the thread..


  6. by   mizfradd
    Congratulations a.nurse.soon!!!

    The Lord is my fortress - past, present and future.
    I condition my mind everyday with many prayers and by counting my blessings.
    'Ask and ye shall receive'...no truer words were ever spoken!
  7. by   ez2000
    same thing happened to me....when all hope is gone, you have but your faith to turn into. congratz and keep praying!
  8. by   luvinRN
    Wow! i am soo happy that you got hired! What makes me happier is that you recognize that God provided for you! Im waiting for God to work in my life, I live in CA and nursing here is so impacted, I prayed and told the Lord that i was confident he would lead me in the right path, everyday i told him that i wouldnt be upset if i didnt get into the nursing program and now I am extremely happy to be pursuing a degree as a Respiratory Therapist heartbeat:heartbeat..God knows what he does and when to do it and just then our faith grows!!
  9. by   penguinfromCA
    Joel Osteen motivates me as well. Most of the time before I go in to work, I replay his sermons to help me start the day. Life has its challenges (especially nursing) but Joel Osteen states "don't talk to God how big your problems are, rather talk to your problems on how big your God is".
  10. by   June55Baby
    I am so excited to see all these posts! ! !

    I knew that a.nurse.soon and I couldn't be the only two who believe in an unlimited God who answers our prayers!
  11. by   EcyRN
    thank you all for your replies...
  12. by   zuzi
    i don't hear the pastor, barely i go to church... but YES, this is the way, be happy, stay happy, spread hapiness.
  13. by   Gesundheit
    I love the mantra and am glad for your success in changing your attitude (so very hard to do in this field!), just have to point out that if prayers were answered, we wouldn't have any patients to begin with.

    Take care of yourself, so you can then take the best care of your patients as possible. Try to accept yourself and your limits and know you did your best at the end of the shift.
  14. by   mom35
    Good for you!!! When I started college at 36 for the first time, I attended a discussion that was held on thoughts and controlling your life. In the year I have learned to say what I want, as if I already have it. They referred to this as the law of attraction. I am telling you, It has, or I have changed my whole life! Not to say I dont have days that I feel pitiful, but my gosh the change in my attitude is complimented by everyone that has know me for a while. I grew up in a conservative, christian family. I now have my own beliefs, but I respect all faiths. I do not think that the bible is THE truth, I do not believe anyone knows the truth about what this life experience really is. I do think that the possibility of a god does exist. I guess that is why it is "faith",believing in a power that yet, we have not proved. That makes life even more amazing, looking for the answers and the evidence!! Who knows what we really are-I mean we may be under a microscope or hey-maybe we are all molecules in a being that we can have no knowledge of. Just like our molecules work, digest, ingest, divide, protect, and die for us-but they just know their little world-probably no knowledge that they are inside a human. I mean, I know I sound nutty, but do ever sit back and think about all the universe and maybe the planets are the cells and we are like the organelles keeping something that we cannot even comprehend-maybe a "god", alive and we live and die for it?! Okay I am way off subject-I apologize. Sometimes I get so excited about what we are yet to discover in this wonderous world. Song sung by Gwen Stefani sums it up: To step out of the "box" and imagine what we might be it is fantastic to be alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Once in a while I sit back
    And think about the planet
    Most of the time I trip on it
    To kick back and think about
    How massive it all is
    And how many others are on it

    I often think about the world
    In which I live today, of
    animals and plants
    And nature's gift set on display
    But the most amazing thing
    That I've seen in my time
    Are all the different people
    And all their different minds
    And different ways
    It would take a lifetime to explain
    Not one's exactly the same
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