"i am happy.. i will be happy..happiness is here." - page 2

i was gonna reply this to a previous post but then i realized, a new thread would be wonderful. five days ago, i was this lonely, frustrated and full of self pity person who feels that the world... Read More

  1. by   EcyRN
    that was a wonderful wonderful reply mom35!! thanks a lot!
  2. by   MRS.CRUZ
    hi im a newbie i was reading ur tread and was amazed becouse thew same things has been happening to me but i havent gotten into a nurse program yet i have one obsticle thats holding me back and thats my ged unfortuntily i havent gotten it yet something always comes up! anyway i to listen to joel osteen and his words are powerfull and at times it feels as if talking directly to me as if he knew i was having an issuse that i need to be answered again congrATS
  3. by   hudsong
    I don't think God had anything to do with it. Depend on yourself, and from there derive strength.