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Success as a New Grad w/ low GPA

Jduney Jduney (New) New

Hi everyone,

I'm feeling a bit down and I was wondering if there's some success stories out there that have the same qualifications I have...I graduated nursing school with a low GPA (3.1) and no real healthcare experience. I feel like I'm not even obtaining interviews so I'm wondering if anyone out there has got into a new grad program or even big name hospital with similar credentials as a new grad?

Enarra, BSN, RN

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Hi there, hang in there and keep looking and applying for work. Once you graduate and have your Nursing license no one cares about GPA or where you went to school. If you wanted to go to grad school that’s gonna be harder but still doable. My first nursing job As a new grad took 450 applications so keep trying! Best of luck

get on LinkedIn, indeed, network, volunteer, and last resort relocate

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