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Has 2 years experience. Specializes in Trauma/Surgery ICU.

So I'm actually not sure how I should word this question.

My recruiter recently submitted me for a travel position at another hospital in the area (and I don't expect them to respond for a few weeks - they're notorious for last minute). While I'd happily take that position, I did apply for a staff position on another unit in the hospital where I'm currently traveling and expect to interview soon. If I was offered a staff position at the present hospital, I'd tell my recruiter that I can't do the travel assignment and have her cancel my submission.

Is this an okay thing to do? Optimally, I would want to get the staff position - it's a CVICU and I've always wanted to do CV, but I'm just not sure they'll take me, so I'm preparing another local travel assignment as a backup.

Appreciate your thoughts :-)

Of course! Only verbal or contractual agreement to work the assignment would present an ethical or legal issue. You haven't even interviewed yet.


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