studying for a&p before the semester even started


Just curious. Has anyone started studying for A&PI out of anxiety before the semester even commenced? How did you go about it? :)

I'm studying for A&P2 - I have to get an "A".

No, but its always a good idea to start studying...if you can ahead a few really helps especially in the beginning when you're trying to figure out how the class works...

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Yes, I've picked up the workbook that accompanies my text....I have already read thru A&P for dummies....and have printed the class syllabus and teachers workbook from the spring qtr class (figure it won't change much if at all) once my summer classes are finished....I have a month before A&P starts sept I can get busy!!!!!! I am so terrified of all the memorization....I have to start now.....

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Yes! I actually started before the last semester even finished, LOL! A bit overdramatic. But hey, I want my A! :) I think it's a good idea to do it. I'm just too excited. :) I used Barron's Anatomy and Physiology the Easy Way... it is much easier to understand than a textbook.

I will, fortunately a former classmate is lending me her text and classnotes for the class. She took the class last semester with the same professor I will be having. We are meeting tomorrow and I will start hitting the books next week. It can't hurt to get a head start, I too want to ensure I get an A for the class. I am also picking up my book for Nutrition next week to get a head start for that class as well.

Good Luck to all of us

Got my book, strarting making my index cards for the class- Let's do it we can get a A this coming semester-:typing

I just finished A&P1 with an was hard, but obviously possible! It certainly wouldn't hurt to start memorizing the bones & muscles...I'm sure my teacher isn't the only one who will test on these. My qtr. just finished yesterday and I have about 5 weeks until the next. In A&P2, I know we'll be using the same text and it has a website...I'll be starting next weekend at least doing the online stuff to familiarize myself with what will be covered. I think I deserve at least a week off! Good luck with your class!!

I am also studying early for a&p 2. It can't really hurt now can it?

Its not a bad idea. I took an EMT-B class one semester (it was a regular, for-credit, college course that satisfied a Health Ed requirement) and the instructor dressed us down on the first day because most of us had not started reading the text book. His statement: "I teach Paramedic classes and my Paramedic students read through the entire textbook before the first day of class so they know what I am talking about and we don't have to waste time. If you are serious about your education, you should be reading and familiar with the materials before the first day". We, of course, were your standard college students who generally waited for the syllabus on the first day to start reading and doing work, so it took us aback. But, I have remembered it and its a pretty good idea.

One unrelated thing he also had us do which is a good idea when it comes time to spend time in the skills lab was he had us practice skills over and over and over again til it became a rote/muscle memory thing, so whatever the surrounding stressor or situation, the skill was there.

I just pick up A&P for Dummies last night. I plan to start reading it tonight. I get my textbooks on Monday and will start studying the textbooks next week. I figure it cannot hurt to start early. I need an A in this class. Good luck to everyone.


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Yeah I was studying from last month. Nerdy yes......but I WANT that A.

I have access to the E-book and all the supplementary material (quizzes, tests, charts, online flashcards, crosswords, etc) to Marieb's 7th edition AP book.

Besides I figure I read ahead now(like the first 9 chapters) I can focus on General Chemistry II more once the semester begins...especially since the class + lab is 5 credits.

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wink2::wink2::wink2::wink2:

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