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Study Tips for the Science Section?

So, I took the teas for the first time in January and scored at 73.3%. I am trying to get at least a 78-80 in order to ensure I get accepted to the nursing program for Spring semester at my school.

Last night, I bought the ATI practice tests and scored a 72% when I took the exam. As with the first time I took the test, the science section was my downfall. When I took the actually test I scored at 55.3% in the science section, and when I took the practice test I scored a 53.2% in the science section.

Do you have any advice or study tips in order to bring up my score for the science section? I am okay in all the other sections. My biggest problem it that my school doesn't require A&P 2 as a pre-req, and that is the majority of the science portion of the test. I am taking A&P 2 in the fall, but I am taking the teas for the second time in 2 weeks. (I have to apply for the nursing program by August 14th.)

Any advice or study tips for the life & physical science sections as well as the A&P2 would be greatly appreciated! I need to know the best way I can cram as much of this science into my head in the next two weeks!

Thanks so much!!!


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