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Study groups


Anyone in the Columbia,sc area willing to form a study group for the teas, I missed it by 6 points and I can't retake it until January. I'm determined not to let this test overpower me. I'm an A-B student. I've failed it twice. I can only take it 2 more times

Hey JamieB86517 you can order the official teas book from amazon and I promise you wont need a study group. I failed the first time I took it and then i brought that teas manual and passed. It is the study guide specifically for that test.

God I wish I was in your area so we can study together , you sound similar to me I've taken it twice and missed the "proficient " mark by 4 points smh

Well I guess I better purchase a copy of that book too , is that the one from ATI? This test is more stressful than bio courses and I don't think it needs to be